From December 13-17, 2014, Canada Basketball will be holding their annual Age-Group Assessment Camp at Humber College in Toronto, ON.

The camp will be featuring the top players from across the country in the 2015 graduation Class, and younger.

“We are excited to hold this camp to provide identified athletes with exposure to our Canadian Style of Play to then apply the skills and knowledge towards the goal of becoming a world-class athlete and representing Canada at the top international level,” said Denise Dignard, Canada Basketball’s Director of Women’s High Performance.

The goal of the camp is to offer a national training environment with an international focus. Training and testing will be performed by National team sport scientists, coaches and technical staff. From the group of invitees, the 2015 summer Cadette and Junior National team programs will eventually be selected.

Below is a list of the 65 players that have been invited to attend:

Laeticia Amihere2019
Chelayne Bailey2015
Jacey Bailey2016
Niyah Becker2018
Angela Bongomin2016
Halle Bovell2016
Mikaela Brewer2016
Hailey Brown2017
Bridget Carleton2015
Julia Chandler2015
Shay Colley2014
Maurane  Corbin2017
Macaela Crone2017
Emily Dewey2017
Sarah Donovan2017
Zayn Dornstauder2015
Libby Epoch2016
Taisha Exanor2018
Louise Forsyth2017
Danielle Garven2015
Maël Gilles2017
Oksana Gouchie-Provencher2016
Hanna Hall2017
Carmen Handy2017
Taya Hanson2018
Sarah Hiscock2017
Paule-Beline Ibata2019
Dana Inglis2017
Alyssa Jerome2017
Barbara Johnson2014
Ella Johnson2017
Jaelyne Kirkpatrick2015
Aislinn Konig2016
Veronika Lavergne2015
Myriam Leclerc2017
Roxane Makolo2019
Eleanore Marciszewski2018
Summer Maskewich2016
Amy Mazutinec2017
Julan McDonald2016
Bridget Mulholland2016
Reece Mungar2017
Bliss Mutanda2017
Alexa Neal2019
Michaela Nieuwenhuizen2015
Shaina Pellington2017
Lauryn Prokop2017
Aiden Rainford2017
Gabrielle Roache2018
Alicia Roufosse2015
Cierra Roufosse2015
Marcie Schlick2016
Kyla Shand2017
Sage Stobbart2017
Sarah Te-Biasu2020
Nyamuoch Teny2016
Julianna Thomson2016
Tatiana Toledo2017
Andrea Torres2017
Kendra van Leeuwen2016
Anika Weekes2018
Paulla Weekes2018
Eternati Willock2015
Lauren Yearwood2015
Jessica Zarowny2017

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