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About Us is a premier scouting/media outlet covering and tracking the
top Canadian men and women basketball prospects. Follow their progress from
High School and the way the professional level.

Over the years CROWN has evolved from a hard copy Magazine to now creating
an creditable and information website that gives you up to beat updates on
cant miss Canadian prospects.

We have enhanced the new CROWN on many levels to better serve you. It
features the most accurate reports, in depth features, in depth player
scouting reports, very informative player profiles, prospect listing,
player ratings and player rankings.

As proud Canadians, It is our passion to continuously raise the awareness
of Canadian talent to Collegiate Institutions across North America. In some
cases this could possibly lead to an opportunity of attaining an athletic
scholarship (NCAA) and bursary (CIS).

The game of basketball in Canada has grown tremendously over the years and
we are proud to have played a part in the growth as the longest High School
basketball focused media outlet. CROWN’s mandate has been and will continue
to be one that looks to elevate and create excitement for Canadian

It is our duty to provide this exposure and give a better opportunity for
talented, hard-working prospects who wish to find success, as well as
proudly play a role in taking basketball in Canada to the next level!

Canada has never been shy of talent but that talent has often lacked
effective exposure. CROWN Scout has launched the media exposure for many of
Canada’s top Stars Cory Joseph (Spurs), Andrew Nicholson (Orlando Magic),
Anthony Bennett (UNLV) Negus Webster-Chan (Missouri) etc and strives to
continue spotlighting Canada’s future stars with the platform they deserve
while striving to do what is best for the Canadian game.

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We at CROWN believe that a parent that is informed about the process is one that is setting themselves up to make the best decisions for their child in the long run.

CROWN Scout’s coverage of Canadian girls high school basketball is a one stop shop for information about Canada’s elite players. Our aim is to provide as much information as possible, that is more than superficial hype and is of benefit to coaches (at all levels), parents and players by providing news, updates and analysis for players in and around high school age, from all regions of the country.

With our country being as vastly spread out as it is sparsely populated, it is quite a challenge to navigate in terms of identifying top talent. We use several sources in order to identify this top talent, one of them being inquiries and submission like the one you are making.

Our database of names and player profiles is one that several college coaches north and south of the border use as a tool to help them target players they feel meet their criteria. Of course, how well a player can execute their skills on the court goes a long way to stirring the interest of post secondary coaches. Along with that there are tangible attributes such as position, graduating year and height that are also considered. Intangibles that would identify the character of that player, on and of the court, also plays a role to varying degree as well.

By submitting a profile, you are indicating your interest in exploring your post secondary options revolving around the sport. It shows post secondary coaches that you want to be among the ones that are considered in that equation and provides them with a means of making that connection. Yes, CROWN Scout is only a conduit for making that connection, and there will be no promises of landing your daughter on a national championship team, but by having an online basketball resume of sorts on a site with considerable reach in the basketball community chances are increased that your daughter will at least have an online presence. If there is any YouTube video highlights that you are able to add to your profile, it could also be of benefit as well for the coaches that visit.

Is it too early to getting on the radar of potential schools? There are a couple trains of thought here to consider. North of the border, you are probably correct, but south of the border, it is a very different paradigm. I have found that the more eager CIS schools will only be strongly considering players in the graduating Class, making any thought of pursuing those in younger grades (9-11) no more than a dream. With money and quantity of competition playing more of a role in being successful in the USA, NCAA schools are very much looking at identifying those in Grade 9 that they want to not only keep on their radars, but also look to establish a connection with. It is very much that Class that they consider on their depth charts of players they would like to consider Unfortunately, many players outside of some key centres across Canada do not catch on to this until late and some end up missing the boat on any NCAA opportunities.


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