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Day-Wilson and Lattimore Are Package Deal For Orange



Shayeann Day-Wilson (5-stars, 5’6”, PG, UPlay/Royal Crown Academy, 2021) and Latasha Lattimore (4.5-stars, 6’5”, F, UPlay/Royal Crown Academy, 2021) have both committed to Syracuse University.

The friends that have been playing together since their Junior Public school days, have pushed each other to great accomplishments on the court. Now both are ranked one and two in the country in their Class and have the chance to continue their on-court/off-court bond.

With their familiarity already established, the Syracuse Orange have a duo that have a “ready to take on the world” mindset. The duo that have seemingly chased competition wherever they could in order to ensure they are playing against they best competition they can find. And when done so, have shown themselves worthy to be called elite, which is a true testament to their very strong work ethic.

Day-Wilson is a dynamic player that can be classified as special. She has a high level motor to go along with dozens of moves in her toolkit, to not only score, but do so at a rate that gets her defenders off balance and continually guessing. Her ability to react on the fly to opponents subtleties, in the level that she does, is very rare, but necessary for a player of her size to be as successful as she is. One of the other key elements of her game is a mental one, her will to win. She is an ultra competitive leader that will get everyone involved and will make everyone around her better.

Lattimore has a massive wingspan that does a great job collecting rebounds wherever they may be, and along with her leaping ability blocks shot at a high level rate. Not enough has been said about this feature of her game and how it alters her opponent’s shooting, impacting how many more blocks she may have been able to gain. Not only dominating on the defensive end, she also makes a major impact on the other end of the floor. Mastering the pick-and-roll with Day-Wilson is only the top of the iceberg in terms of her scoring, as she is also very good back to the basket finisher. Couple that with her ability to shoot from the short corner and drive from the perimeter and it becomes clear how all of this coming in a 6’5” package can be a really big deal.

Syracuse University is located in Syracuse, NY. The ACC Conference school is located just under 4 hours drive away from their homes in Toronto, ON.