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Radar Worthy: Chantelle Blagrove



Chantelle Blagrove (3.5-stars, 5’9”, G, Canada Elite / Niagara Prep, 2022) is Guard from Ajax, ON who’s game has developed quite well over the past year.

Having made the leap to Niagara Prep between her Freshman and Sophomore years, Blagrove has shown to be able to grow in the way she thinks the game, to match her already very good mobility.

She shines well as a defender that is tough to beat off the dribble. She moves well laterally, and can usually find a way to set enough of an edge where opponents would find it difficult to turn the corner and make a comfortable play towards the basket.

With the success she has gained on defence, and the way things have been evolving in her offensive game, Chantel Blagrove is a name worthy to be on many radars.