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Seton Hill Great Fit For Findlay



Stephanie Findlay

Stephanie FindlayStephanie Findlay (2.5-star, 5’11”, F, St Ignatius of Loyola/GTA West, 2016) of Oakville, ON has verbally committed to attend Seton Hill in Greensburg, PA next Fall.

“One of the reasons why I chose Seton Hill is first of all basketball”, said Findlay, “Second of all, they have high academics. That is something that is really important to me.”

With the commitment, the Seton Hill Griffins of NCAA’s Division 2, acquires a pretty accurate 3-pt shooter that can be quite agile. She doesn’t mind mixing it up inside a bit, or shy away from the chance to play through contact. This makes her a prime candidate to take advantage of mismatches with opponents in the form of favourable post-up opportunities.

That kind of flexibility creates some unique advantages for her at the Forward position.

For many Canadian player’s the allure of playing Division 1 basketball is quite appealing. But for Findlay, who fully understands her skill-set and how she’d best be able to excel in the court, the Division 2 type of game is the is the right level for her.

“I’m kind of like a stretch 4”, she said about the kind of role that she’ll likely play for the Griffins. “I think [Division 1] is looking for someone that is quicker to be a 3 or taller to be a 5, and I’m kind of in between.”

“I really like Mark Katarski, he’s a great [Head] Coach,” she went on about the fit. “The team looks really good and they communicate. That’s something I like in basketball because I like to talk on the court.”

Findlay, who’s brother is also playing at the Division 2 level (baseball), also went on to glowingly refer to Seton Hill by mentioning, “They’re in a really strong conference, the PSAC (Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference), they play against Mercyhurst and other really good top teams.”

“I think D2 was a really good choice for me because it will enable me to play the type of basketball that I like to play.”

Long term, Findlay is looking to pursue a career in the teaching profession and the academic side of the equation was a good fit for her as well.

“I’m looking to Major in French, to be a French Teacher. It’s somewhat obvious that it hard to find this in the United States and Seton Hill has a great French Minor. I’m going to study education and Minor in Family Studies.”

Recognizing that it took the love and support of many to help her to get to this point, Findlay wanted to give thanks to a few of those supporters.

“Definitely my parents. My Dad was one of my coaches. He was also a really big mentor in my life. He played Division 1 baseball at Eastern Michigan. My mother has always been bringing me to all my practices and games, so definitely them.”

Stephanie Findlay

Stephanie Findlay – March 2009

Also a part of the Coaching Staff back when Findlay played for Oakville Vytis, were Gina and Orlondo Steinauer. She also credits the support of them and the lifelong friendship she has made with their daughter, Kiana, whom she also played with, as a major boost in her basketball journey.

“Gina has always helped me with Post moves. Orlando always pushed me to be my best and he never allowed me to not put in 100%.”

“Kiana Steinauer helped me a lot. We’ve always been on the same team. This [rep] year will be the first year that we are not. We’ve always kind of been competitive with each other. We’re best friends and we’re great teammates. I trust her so much. She’s been a really important part of my basketball career.”