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Team White Decisive in Ontario High School ASG



On December 16, 2017 the Canletes Ontario High School basketball game was held at Humber College in Toronto, ON.

The game, which featured 24 standouts selected solely from high schools across the province, saw Team White defeat Team Blue by a score of 101-60.

The game was led in scoring by Team White’s Kiara Leveridge with 18 points. Team Blue’s leading scorer was Jessica Angelini, who scored 15.

In the first quarter, Alexis Stewart helped to get Team White off to a 25-15 cushion with 8 points. Angelini responded in the second quarter with three 3-pointers, helping Team Blue claw their way back a bit, and only took a 43-37 deficit at the halftime break.

The second half is where Team White made their mark mark on the game in a significant way.

Team White exploded with 31 points in third quarter alone with 8 point contributions from Claire Sutherland-Case and Vanessa Hughes as well as 7 points from Leveridge, all helping to extend their lead to 74-45, entering the final frame.

Naomi Ganpo made her impression on the game in the fourth. Thats where she scored all 7 of her points, matched in the quarter by her Team White teammate Leveridge, en route to the side’s decisive 101-60 win.

Leading Scorers
Team White
Kiara Leveridge – 18 points
Vanessa Hughes – 13 points (three 3-pointers)
Katumina Mansaray – 12 points
Clare Sutherland-Case – 11 points (three 3-pointers)
Alexis Stewart – 10 points

Team Blue
Jessica Angelini – 15 points (five 3-pointers)
Chloe Peters – 12 points (three 3-pointers)