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2023 Chris Smalling Tournament Schedule



Chris Smalling Tournament

This year’s CROWN Scout presents… the 2023 Chris Smalling will be taking place on Ontario Tech’s courts 1-3, and on Durham College’s main court, which is in a connected building.
The schedule for this year’s event is as follows:

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Home teams to wear dark colour uniforms, visitors wear light.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Game #LocationDivisionTIMEHomeVisitor
1GYM 1JUNIOR4pmLincoln Prep JRCrestwood JR
2GYM 2JUNIOR4pmRoyal Crown JRCapital Courts JR
3GYM 3JUNIOR4pmKings Christian JRCalgary Bask. Assoc. JR
5GYM 1SENIOR6pmCalgary BasketballLincoln Prep
6GYM 2SENIOR6pmOrangeville PrepFr. Redmond
7GYM 3SENIOR6pmLo-Ellen ParkAtlantic Academy
9GYM 1SENIOR8pmRoyal CrownCapital Courts
10GYM 2SENIOR8pmNiagaraCrestwood
11GYM 3SENIOR8pmJ. AddisonBond
12DURHAMSENIOR8pmExcelKing's Christian

Friday, October 27, 2023

Game #LocationDivisionTimeHomeVisitors
13GYM 1JUNIOR8:30Royal Crown JRNotre-Dame de Lourdes
14GYM 2JUNIOR8:30Crestwood JRCharles-Lemoyne
15GYM 3JUNIOR8:30Orangeville Prep JRSém. Saint-François JR
16DURHAMJUNIOR8:30Tri-County JRLo-Ellen Prep JR
17GYM 1SENIOR10:30Atlantic AcademyChamp. Lennoxville
18GYM 2SENIOR10:30Sém. Saint-FrançoisLouis-Riel
19GYM 3SENIOR10:30VanierCalgary Basketball
20DURHAMSENIOR10:30Original GreatnessFr. Redmond
21GYM 1SENIOR13:15Saint-Jean-Sur-RichlieuBond
22GYM 2SENIOR13:15DawsonCapital Courts
23GYM 3SENIOR13:15ExcelSainte-Foy
24DURHAMSENIOR13:15Champ. Saint-LambertCrestwood
25GYM 1JUNIOR15:00Lo-Ellen Prep JRExcel JR
26GYM 2JUNIOR15:00Royal Crown JRTri-County JR
27GYM 3JUNIOR15:00Calgary Bask. Assoc. JROrangeville Prep JR
28DURHAMJUNIOR15:00Kings Christian JRCrestwood JR
29GYM 1JUNIOR17:00Charles-LemoyneLincoln Prep JR
30GYM 2SENIOR17:00MontmorencyAtlantic Academy
31GYM 3JUNIOR17:00Sém. Saint-François JRCalgary Bask. Assoc. JR
32DURHAMJUNIOR17:00Notre-Dame de LourdesCapital Courts JR
33GYM 1SENIOR19:00Royal CrownDawson
34GYM 2SENIOR19:00Champ. Saint-LambertNiagara
35GYM 3SENIOR19:00Sainte-FoyKing's Christian
36DURHAMSENIOR19:00J. AddisonSaint-Jean-Sur-Richlieu
37GYM 1SENIOR21:00Tri-CountySém. Saint-François
38GYM 2SENIOR21:00Champ. LennoxvilleLo-Ellen Park
39GYM 3SENIOR21:00Lincoln PrepVanier
40DURHAMSENIOR21:00Orangeville PrepOriginal Greatness

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Game #LocationDivisionTIMEHomeVisitor
41GYM 1JUNIOR8:30Charles-LemoyneRoyal Crown Jr
42GYM 2JUNIOR8:30Kings Christian JRTri-County JR
43GYM 3JUNIOR8:30Excel JROrangeville Prep JR
44DURHAMJUNIOR8:30Calgary Bask. Assoc. JRLo-Ellen Prep JR
45GYM 1SENIOR10:30Atlantic AcademyCalgary Basketball
46GYM 2SENIOR10:30Tri-CountyOriginal Greatness
47GYM 3SENIOR10:30Sém. Saint-FrançoisOrangeville
48DURHAMJUNIOR10:30Lincoln Prep JrCapital Courts Jr
49GYM 1SENIOR12:30Father RedmondLouis Riel
50GYM 2SENIOR12:30Capital CourtsCrestwood
51GYM 3SENIOR12:30BondSainte-Foy
52DURHAMSENIOR12:30VanierChamp. Lennoxville
53GYM 1JUNIOR14:30Crestwood Prep JrNotre-Dame de Lourdes
54GYM 2SENIOR14:30Royal CrownChamp. Saint-Lambert
55GYM 3SENIOR14:30J. AddisonKing's Christian
56DURHAMJUNIOR14:30Excel JrSém. Saint-François Jr
57GYM 1SENIOR16:30Saint-Jean-Sur-RichlieuExcel
58GYM 2SENIOR16:30Lincoln PrepLo-Ellen
59GYM 3SENIOR16:30Calgary BasketballMontmorency