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Keep Cambridge’s Candice Wright On Radar



Over the past couple of years, the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area of Southern Ontario has produced several bigs that have had successful high school careers. Michelle Hudyn (6’2″, F, Eastwood Collegiate Class of 2012, Missouri) and Alex Klein (6’1”, F, Waterloo Collegiate, 2013, Bryant commit) immediately come to mind.

But just on the horizon, there appears to be a new name rising to the surface. Candice Wright (6’2”, F, Jacob Hespler, 2015), who is wearing the familiar black, gold and white, KW-Lightning rep uniform that Hudyn and Klein have worn, is starting to make a name for herself. In taking in her game over the past couple years, her size makes her an intriguing prospect, and her game indicates promise.

Wright has a soft spoken, unassuming demeanour that contrasts her solid yet athletic, 6’2″ frame. Wright, a sister of twin Courtney (who plays as well and is a decorated Track athlete), is able to run the floor with very good speed. She has a pretty good reach that allows her to corral rebounds and block shots. Her size, and her ability to put the ball on the floor with her left hand, have opened up many options for her on the offensive end.

“I think what makes Candice so intriguing is just that combination of size and athletic ability. She is far from slow. She is straightline fast,” says her rep Head Coach, Craig Nickel. and laterally is decent. “So, when you have someone that is a legit 6’2”, and long and can run, she’s going to get a lot of attention from a lot of schools. Having coached Alex Klein for the last number of years, I know what that combination is.”

In the post, her game is continuing to show signs of improvement, although at this time, she appears to be more comfortable with the ball in her hand while facing the basket.

That scenario has become easier as time has progressed, and while her long distance shooting has continued to improve.

“She has really made strides shooting the ball,” says her rep Head Coach, Craig Nickel. “During the [2012 Provincial Rep Championships] she kind of had her coming out party. She hit two threes because people were just gapping her big time, almost daring her to shoot it. So, she can now shoot that shot reasonable well, but what we’ve been working with her is to not settle for that.”

And the work that Nickel speaks of, is the practice that has already started to show signs of producing some very good results, especially as she stood out with her play in the U16 Ontario Cup this Spring. There, she was the daunting, contributing member of the Division 1 Champion, Lightning team that created defensive problems.

“I’m sure you’ve seen how effective she is going to the hoop, especially with her left hand, which is deceptive. She really finishes well going to the rim.”

Wright is coming off a fair bit off success this past year and will be looking to continue that momentum into the summer. In the meantime, building up her competitive resolve is an area she will be focusing in on.

In order for her to take her game to the next level, Wright will need to release her inner Kevin Garnett on the defensive end, and incorporate more of a hunger to get after blocking shots and a more of a nose for securing missed shots.

It’s a sentiment that Nickel mentions, has already been identified and has been targeted as part of their keys to her future success.

“We’re really working with her to compete. Compete and get every loose ball. IT’s not good enough to get 5 or 6 of those balls out of 10, you’ve got to get 9 out of 10, and she’s making strides.”

This summer as she plays with the KW Lightning travel team, in through the next High School season and into her first foray into JUEL, there are several reason why Candice Wright should stay on the radar of many as she looks forward to a post secondary on court career, whether it be north or south of the border.