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2015 JUEL All-Star Selections



On May 23, 2015, the JUEL All-Star Games will be taking place at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON.

The evening will be featuring 2 games kicking off at 6pm. Game 1 features the JUEL Prep All-Stars in a game which has the Freshmen (JUEL Prep players in Grade 8 and 9) against the Sophomores (JUEL Prep players in Grade 10). Game 2 will feature the Juniors (JUEL players in Grade 11) vs the Seniors (JUEL players in Grade 12) in the JUEL All-Star Game.

The game features the standout players for the two leagues’ various teams, honoured by being selected by the coaches in the two leagues.

JUEL All-Star rosters

Chelayne Bailey
Tyra Blizzard
Bridget Carleton
Julia Chandler
Julia Curran
Danielle Garven
Sarah Holmes
Jaelyne Kirkpatrick
Hayley Robertson
Leka Sodade
Rachel Webber
Candice Wright
Keyira Parkes

Halle Bovell
Mikaela Brewer
Nicole Bus
Kayah Clarke
Mikaela Dodig
Oksana Gouchie-Provencher
Alyssa Jerome
Aliyah Lawson
Kendra Van Leeuwen
Bridget Mulholland
Kiana Steinauer
Julianna Thomson
Mackenzie Trpcic

JUEL Prep rosters

Jama Bin-Edwards
Hailey Brown
Sarah Donovan
Celina Elliott
Hanna Hall
Carmen Handy
Safiya Hurst
Alexis Kenyeres
Jenneke Pilling
Aiden Rainford
Hailey Summers
Abby Whiteye
Mia Spadafora
Marin Scotten

Laeticia Amihere
Lauren Boers
Julia Chadwick
Maggie Denys
Laura Donovan
Monica Dubria
Mya Iriah
Kate Moran
Christina Morra
Kaitlyn Overeem
Alana Short
Aerial Wilson