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ASGR Deep South Tournament (2014) Standouts



deep-south-2014The Canadian Teams came down in droves, descending upon the ASGR Deep South Tournament in Raleigh, NC from April 25-27, 2014.

A grand total of 14 teams make the trek. And although there were no teams that made it to the Finals of their divisions, many of them made the most of their experience by putting on a show and pushing the limits of their competition, in front of a packed house full of NCAA and Junior College coaches.

Here are just some of the names that stood out while down there:


Eternati Willock (6’2″, F, Scarborough Blues 16U, 4.5-stars)
Willock was a continuous brought spot for the Blues. She managed to be a steady source of scoring for her team, finding different ways to score the ball whether beating her man off of the dribble or nailing shots with a hand in her face throughout their play in the top division. Having shown signs of putting on some additional muscle over the past 6 months or so, has aided her abilities in traffic as well as being able to establish position and seal on the block. The ability to be more consistent from behind the arc would serve Willock well, and add that last dimension to her game that would allow her to stretch the floor and pick apart the passing lanes that would enable her to engage teammates even more than she already does.


Bridget Carleton

Bridget Carleton (6’2″, W, Ramblers JUEL 17U, 4.5-stars)
Among the talk of the gym was Bridget Carleton, especially for the late-comers, finally getting the chance to witness the most versatile player from the Canadian 2015 Class. Carleton more than lived up to the top billing that we have been communicating about her, and then some throughout the games that her London Ramblers played. She was versatile in her 6’1” frame, playing positions 1-4 at a very high level, showing her un-phased poise regardless of the types of defenses she faced. Carleton demonstrated as much comfort in handling pressure while bringing up the ball in the open court, as much as she did after being fed an entry pass with her back to the basket and working her Post moves, indicated by her signature grin clearly indicating how much she is enjoying her experience. She will be an asset to whichever team is able to land her. ***Update — Bridget Carleton has committed to the Iowa State University

Ashley Polacek (5’5″, PG, GCBAJU 17U, 3-stars)
Ashley had been flying a bit under the radar last year, having not had the best of rep seasons in Grade 11, and not playing any AAU ball in the summer that followed. After having made the choice to come back for Grade 13 early on in her Grade 12 year last September, she was free to focus on working on her game. Understanding that time is not a luxury, Polacek is ready to show everybody what she’s been working on, and did so quite well in Raleigh. Demonstrating a very smooth handle and comfort in handling the pressure, this Point Guard proved that she is for real and definitely ready to make a name for herself from here on out.

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