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2017 Centennial Colts Tournament Standouts



2017 Centennial Colts Tournament

The 2017 Centennial Colts Tournament was among the more competitive editions the event has ever seen.

A big congratulations goes out to the Platinum Division Champions King’s Christian, who overcame their own adversity to beat Lincoln Prep. With the 52-45 win, the two previously unbeaten teams provided a great entertaining heavyweight battle from start to finish.

The Gold Division saw Pickering take the title by a score of 44-31 over Westdale as both teams look to peak as they enter their playoff run towards OFSAA (Ontario public high school provincial championships).

The decision this year to split the field of 22 teams into Platinum and Gold divisions appears to have been ideal. In the Platinum Division alone, half of the event’s games finished within 10 points, setting a great environment for competition and finding a right balance between the participating public, private and prep schools.

***Click here for list of 2017 Centennial Colts Tournament All-Stars***

With that said, the following are details on just a few of the players that rose to the occasion:

Lauren Boers

Lauren Boers

Lauren Boers
Simply put, Boers has proven that she still has game, and we applaud her for that. After starting off high school career quite strongly, we found that her play during last summer and into her Junior year left something to be desired and was a bit off the trajectory that we foresaw for the 5’10” Small Forward. This past weekend was proof that Boers has her mojo back. The King’s Christian Senior shot the ball at a very high clip this past weekend and was a big reason why they were able to stretch the floor and create inside opportunities. Her 3-point shooting rate along with her ability to complete fast breaks around the basket have Boers peaking towards the height of her development.

Brynn Masikewich
When watching a Lincoln Prep game, it was hard to overlook the presence of Masikewich’s impact on the game. Her length and skill were key reasons for this. She earned the Huskies extra possessions through rebounds on both ends of the floor, was even responsible for a handful of blocks as well and I’m sure countless more altered shots opponents made the decision to drive the lane only to be met with the Masikewich stepping up in the paint to confront their efforts. Having made the decision to play prep this year and being in an environment that will push her to be all that she can be day in and day out, I think that she has lots of potential to be very special player who could dominate at the highest level, by the time she is ready to graduate high school.

Mide Oriyomi
With a key injury to the King’s Christian starting line-up a week prior, for what is likely to be for the rest of the season, Oriyomi has been immediately thrust into a role where she will be looked upon to step up her game in a number of different ways. The result so far with her performance in this event, is that she stepped up in her Guard role on both ends of the floor. Oriyomi was always been a tenacious defender with the ability to really be a thorn in the side of opponents, especially in the open court. On the offensive side, she saw the expansion of her role, not in that she was asked to do things that she wouldn’t normally do, but with the quantity of times that she was asked to do them. More playing time, more touches, more opportunities to rise to the occasion. With that approach it appears, as though Oriyomi’s ability to score a number of different ways suited her squad a great deal, and got her involved in a way that bodes well for her recruiting.

Kali Pocrnic

Kali Pocrnic

Kali Pocrnic
Pocrnic was a too deserving of her nod to the Tournament 1st Team All-Star designation. What the often slept on starting Point Guard for Lincoln Prep doesn’t have in size, she definitely has in heart and skill. For those that can remember a few years back, I find more and more that her size and the way that she plays the position is very reminiscent of the type of player that Hanna Hall (National Team player, now Freshman at the University At Buffalo) was in high school. If you get past the stereotypes that may exist at first glance of someone of her size, you’ll find an extremely smart and nimble player that will be involved in several hustle plays per game. She picks her moments to contribute offensively up close or long range and will simply makes the players around her better.

Claire Sutherland-Case
Sutherland Case was the key to the run for the Westdale Warriors’ had in the tournament’s Gold Division Final. Her ability to score inside and out was the deference maker to the momentum of many of her team’s games by being proficient on takes to the basket and connecting on several 3’s. She also showed some resolved by being a bit injured during the Division Final game against Pickering where she played through injury, knowing what was at stake and making an honest effort to complete the game and give her team the best chance at winning.

Honourable Mention:
Kiara Leveridge
Solidly built player that is amongst the strongest in her Class; continuing to refine her Guard skills; can out rebound players far bigger than her; harnessing her strength and a more consistent finish around the basket will help take her game to the next level

Maggie Besselink
The coming out award for this event has to be given to Besselink. It was generally understood that she had game, from observing her play with the Kingston Impact JUEL Prep team last season. But the performance that she displayed in her team’s three games was quite impressive. Yes, her Catholic school team lost all three games to prep schools, but her 6’2″ lanky frame handled the ball very well and showed a very high level awareness of where she needed to be, what she needed to do and how best to create opportunities for the rest of her team. Improved strength and toughness would round out an elite designation.

Isabella Gaudet

Isabella Gaudet

Isabella Gaudet
Gaudet appeared fully engaged throughout the event, putting forth an effort that was a reminder about the promise she possesses. The CCA Wing player was dialed in with her long range shooting and was involved in far more hustle plays that involved pace and 50/50 balls, than had been the case over the last handful of games prior. The way that she played this weekend left no doubt that she has the ability to be a high end player with her ability and size. She needs to know that she needs to show more of this as a baseline level of play, on her to realizing her full potential.

Honourable Mention:
Ally Sentance
Efficient Point Guard, who’s teammates will always need to have their hands ready for creative passes; crafty on the offensive side of the ball, demonstrated some scoring ability; will need to develop strength; worth monitoring for future development