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Melissa Tatti To Become Brock’s Newest Badger



melissa-tattiMelissa Tatti (5’5″, PG, Bishop Tonnos, 2014) of Ancaster, On has announced her decision to attend Brock University in St Catharines, ON.

Brock Badger fans can expect a fiery, energetic Point Guard, who is now feeling like the weight of the world is now off of her shoulders now that she has made this decision.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I feel less stressed about everything. I’m so excited,” said Tatti.

Tatti can often be found diving for loose balls and forcing turnovers while playing defence on the perimeter. She has quick hands and moves her feet very well to keep up with just about anyone she guards. On the offensive end, she can shoot the ball from just about anywhere on the court. Those defending her have to step out on her regardless of how far back she is from the 3-point line as she will punish those that give her too much room. She also has a good burst of speed when the time comes to drive, so all in all, she will require special attention at all times in the offensive end.

In speaking with Tatti, bringing energy and involving those around her and immersing herself wholly into the game is a major part of the thrill of the game she loves.

“I’ve been told that I’m like a pit bull, I’m all over the place,” said Tatti as her face lit up while describing how much tenacity and fun she has out on the court. “I’m a real hustle player…I just give it my all, all of the time. I love playing against other players. I love dishing the ball to them and them making the lay ups.”

Before coming to her final decision, Tatti had considered attending Western and Queens Universities of the CIS. She had also fielded an offer from Sacred Heart University of the NCAA’s Northeast Conference as well as had some interest from several schools in Florida, where her family has a second home. In the end, there was no better fit than becoming a Brock Badger and learning her Major.

“It’s a perfect fit for me. The programs there…it’s the best one for Sports Management in Canada, and even the U.S. So, I was very happy about that because obviously school is first. The basketball team there has come a long way and I’m very excited.”

Tatti’s Blessed Sacrament JUEL rep team, coached by her father Tally, is off to a 3-4 start this season, loosing the most recent game against a strong Brampton Warrior team by a score of 79-71. In that game, Tatti had 12 points and 6 rebounds and recognizes that despite some encouraging results to this point in the season, and her development for that matter, there are specifics that she’ll need to focus on in preparation for her time as a Badger.

“Boxing out, definitely, rebounding…defense, one hundred percent,” she said in her self assessment of things that will remain her training to-do list. “Our shots are finally falling this [rep] season. And, we’re fast breaking again which is good. Basically defense and boxing out [are things we’ll be working on].”

Last season, Brock finished with a 18-3 record in the OUA, before losing to McMaster in the OUA West Semi-Final.