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‘A’ Game Releases 2013 Summer Rosters



On May 21, 2013 ‘A’ Game Basketball released their summer
rosters. Last year’s teams yielded 5 NCAA 2013 recruits and this
year’s ‘A’ Game crop could quite easily replicate that number. ‘A’
Game front-man, Head Coach, Yaw Afful, likes this year’s collection
of girls, and expects they will be able to produce some great
results. The goal for this year’s two teams will be to produce the
same competitive, no ‘backing down’ mentality that he looks to
bring each year. When asked about this year’s teams, ‘A’ Game T-Dot
was the team he spoke of first. “This year is the
first year we’ve had such an influx of kids from outside the GTA,
particularly from Hamilton, [Ontario],”
said Afful.
“I feel very good about the talent that we have.
Particularly, our inside and outside shooting which I believe is
much better than in previous years. With that shooting ability, it
gives us the ability for our Post game to really open up as well. I
believe we have anywhere from 8 to 10 Division I prospects. We are
looking again to have another great year.”
asked about the other team under the ‘A’ Game banner, ‘A’ Game
Lauren Griffith, he was equally as optimistic that they will turn
many heads with their results. “On this team we have
players as far away as Sarnia [Ontario]. We will surprise a lot of
teams because we have a lot of top talent. On this team I believe
we have anywhere from 6 to 8 NCAA Division I
The jewel of their schedule this summer
appears to be ‘A’ Game’s inclusion in the AAU Super Showcase
Invitational in Orlando, FL. ‘A’ Game T-Dot will be the first team
outside of the U.S. to play in that event, so the goal will be to
show well for not only themselves, but to open the doors for others
as well. “We are proud to be the first international
team to participate in this event,
” said Afful,
recognizing the honour of being selected as the organization looked
upon to potentially open the door for other international teams.
“It is recognized as the 2nd ranked NCAA recruiting
tournament behind Nike Nationals in South Carolina by some
prominent recruiting services in America. I would say Run For The
Roses is considered top 6 in America. We are ready to represent
ourselves and Toronto at this event.”
Below is the
complete rosters of this year’s two ‘A’ Game teams, along with
their travel schedule.

‘A’ Game T-Dot ‘A’ Game Lauren
Iziegbe Enabulele (6’1″, F, 2014)
Eternati Willock (6’2″, F, 2015)
Chelayne Bailey (5’5″, PG, 2015)
Sarah Shewan (6’1″, F, 2014)
Melissa Tatti (5’4″, PG, 2014)
Lauren Jamieson (5’11”, G, 2014)
Naomi Ashley (5’7″, SF, 2014)
Jaelyne Kirkpatrick (5’6″, PG, 2015)
Jahnae Gyles (5’7″, G, 2015)
Kimeshia Henry (5’5″, PG,2014)
Hailey Robertson (5’7″, PG, 2015)
Samantha Robertson (5’7″, PG, 2014)
Caroline Hummell (6’1″, F, 2014)
Shantelle Valentine (6’2″, F, 2014)
Nikita Telesford (6’1″, P, 2015)
Destoni Willock (5’11” SF, 2014)
Dominique Maxwell (5’8″, SF, 2014)
Rochelle Reece (5’9″, PG, 2014)
Danielle Garven (6’0 SG, 2015)
Aliyah Lawson (5’7″, PG, 2016)
Champlain College Montreal, Quebec June 29 –
30, 2013 AAU Super Showcase Gold Gr. 11 Orlando, Florida July 6 –
8, 2013 USJN Washington Washington, D.C. July 22 – 25, 2013 NCAA
Event Oshawa, Ontario July 29, 2013
Champlain College Montreal, Quebec June 29 – 30, 2013 Run 4 The Roses Lexington, KY July 6 – 8, 2013
USJN Washington Washington, D.C.
July 22 – 25, 2013
NCAA Event Oshawa, Ontario July 29,