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Paulla Weekes Commits To Gaels For ’18



Paulla Weekes

On April 3, 2017 Paulla Weekes ( of Scarborough, ON made her decision to commit to attend Iona University of NCAA’s Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference for the Fall of 2018.

“I’m feeling every emotion possible”, said Weekes about going public with her decision to become a Gael.

“I’m excited, nervous, happy, all of the above. But more than anything I’m ready to play in a Gaels uniform.”

The now high school Junior Guard, who attends St Joseph-Wellesley high school and has most recently played her rep basketball for the Scarborough Blues, summer travel ball for A-Game did not consciously set out to make a decision at this stage of her recruiting process. She did more or less describe how the timing of this decision found her due to the alignment of key circumstances.

After making some connections early, doing her research and tapping into a knowledge what would be really right for her to have a successful post secondary experience, the choice of selecting an offer from Iona became obvious, regardless what day it was on the calendar.

“I don’t think there will ever be a right time for anyone when it comes to a decision this big. “It all came down to the right school”, described Weekes.

“Iona has always been on my list and I needed to see the school to confirm whether it could be “my school” or not.

It was that visit clinched it in her mind.

“Once I flew down for a day in New York, I knew this was where I wanted to be. It was beautiful, the campus was amazing, the girls and coaches were great and it really felt like home. So I wasn’t really aiming for a specific time but I was searching for that special feeling; which Iona gave me.”

Weekes is a competitive player that will leave it all on the floor when she plays. Even though her facial expressions may demonstrates an even keel while on the court but her game and level of intensity speaks volumes. While she does a few different ways to score the ball including finding ways to finish around the basket, even through contact and a pretty consistent pull-up, she prides herself on what she can do on the other end of the floor.

“I’m hoping to be named one of the top defensive players so if anything they can count on a number of charges, blocks and steals from me per game”, she said of what can be expected when she ultimately begins her university career.

Paulla is a twin. Her sister, Anika, has herself recently made a commitment to attend the University of Central Michigan. Of course the question had to be posed: You guys seem to have done everything together. Why did you guys decide to go in different directions?

“I think what everyone forgets to acknowledge is that Anika and I are very different individuals, on and off the court”, said Paulla.

“Therefore, I didn’t so much decide to go in a different direction, as we have different goals which demands different pathways. I plan on being very successful, so when I laid out the steps it would take for me to be the best lawyer, it so happen to involve me going to a different school than Anika. For myself, Iona is where I visioned myself achieving so much in my future as an independent woman, hence the reason why I chose that school.

Paulla plans on Majoring in General Psychology while at Iona while looking to play professionally when looking to graduate. Long term, her hope is to resume her education as she seeks a career as a Family Lawyer.