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Caylah Cruickshank Set To Ride Green Wave In 2014



caylah-cruickshankCaylah Cruickshank of Dawson College in Montreal, QC has committed to attend Tulane University of Conference USA for the Fall of 2014.

“I feel honoured and blessed that I am even getting this opportunity,” said Cruickshank about getting the chance to play for the Tulane Green Wave. “I feel great representing my country especially abroad. It’s a great honour for me.”

Before making her final decision to join the Green Wave, Cruickshank was also recruited by Northeastern, Quinnipiac, NJIT and Monmouth. In the end however, it came down to Tulane having what she considered the “best of both worlds”: Academics and Athletics.

The future Tulane Business Major hopes to later work in Foreign Affaires and is looking for her University education to expand her horizons in that regard.

“It’s a great academic school. They are ranked very well,” she said of how high they are regarded scholastically. “And in basketball, I see that I can fit well in the roster and I think that I will have a lot of opportunities to grow over there as a basketball player and as a person as well.”

On the court Cruickshank is hoping that her adaptability and her willingness to get better is what will help her to blend in and make the impact she is hoping for, on a team that made it all the way to last year’s WNIT Sweet 16.

“I think I’ll bring some fresh energy on to the team. Scoring when I can, whether that is shooting the ball or attacking the defense, drawing them in and then kicking it out. I also think I could play well as a two-man with their Point Guard as well so I think that can bring some good opportunities for me.”

Tulane is located in New Orleans, LA, some 2500+ kilometers away from Montreal. That however didn’t sway her decision from making the commitment. But when the fit is right, it’s right. But when asked about the distance, Cruickshank did admit that there will be an adjustment of sorts and that in the end, she will be better off for it.

“I love the team already. I had a great vibe going on with them and I think that’s what made me feel at home already.”

“I know definitely at first there’ll be some home sickness, I’m going to miss everyone. But, I think that is something that you can get past once you are focused.”

And when we spoke a bit about the differences in culture and what she would likely miss most about leaving Montreal behind, I got one obvious and another not so obvious response from the easy going Cruickshank.

“The Snow,” she said much to my surprise. “I am going down south, but believe it or not I am going to miss some of the chillier weather once in a while. The heat just might get to me after a while [with it being hot] all the time, so I have to get used to it.”

“And my poutines…of course,” she said to not forget about the Quebec originated dish that she is prepared to see very little of down in the Big Easy.

Cheese curds and gravy on Fries? I’m pretty sure Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton might be glad that Cruickshank is leaving that treat some 2500+ miles away!