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CÉGEP Honours Its 2016-2017 Regular Season Best



On March 3, 2017, the CÉGEP league announced their regular season Individual award winners, recognizing the best in Quebec high school basketball during the 2016-2017 season.

Standout award winners included the following players:

* League MVP: Carrie-Ann Auger, Trois-Rivieres
* Rookie of the Year: Eleanore Marciszewski, Dawson
* Defensive Player of the Year: Tamara Farquhar, Dawson
* Student Athlete Award: Clara Dagenais, Champlain St-Lambert

The All-Star and All-Academic team selections were as follows:

First Team All-Stars
Brigitte Lefebvre Okwanku, Nouvelles Frontieres
Carrie-Ann Auger, Trois-Rivieres
Juliette Gauthier, Montmorency
Tamara Farquhar, Dawson
Maël Gilles, Montmorency

Second Team All-Stars
Kim Letang, Sainte-Foy
Leony Boudreau, Dawson
Clara Dagenais, Champlain St-Lambert
Coralie Dumont, Champlain St-Lambert
Eleanore Marciszewski, Dawson

All-Academic Team
Frederique Beauchamp, Collège Montmorency
Brigitte Lefebvre Okwanku, Collège Nouvelles Frontieres
Isaève Sirois, Sainte-Foy
Bianca Picard, Édouard-Montpetit
Juliette Harpin, Trois-Rivières
Jessica Muha, Vanier
Leony Boudreau, Dawson
Emma Huff, Champlain Lennoxville