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Oh Yes, She Did! Amihere Makes Ultimate Statement At Boo



Laeticia Amihere

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, Laeticia Amihere (6’2″, F, King’s Christian/Team Ontario, 2019) of Brampton, ON while playing for Team Ontario U17s, stunned all in attendance during the Boo Williams tournament with a thunderous slam dunk during in game action.

The dunk, which took place at the Boo Williams Sports Complex in Hampton Virginia, was the culmination of a fast break after a well-timed picked off pass attempt. Amihere needed just two long strides from the 3-point line as she zeroed in and elevated towards her target.

Amihere, who has posted videos of her in flirting with playing above the rim in practice settings in the past, completed the feat on the ultimate stage: At one of the more prestigious tournaments in America, taking place in front many college coach during an NCAA live viewing period event.

Check out the video below, as posted by @obanews on twitter: