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Radar Worthy: Ally Sentance



Ally Sentance (3.5-stars, 5’9”, Niagara JUEL/Kia Nurse Elite/Winston Churchill, 2021) of Thorold, ON, is the type of Point Guard that brings intangibles to a team that are not to be overlooked or taken for granted.

Sentance is the type of player that plays like an extension of her coach on the floor. On top of possessing decent size for the position, she brings with her a leadership quality that not only keeps mindful of what is looking to be executed, but appears to also know the role of of her teammates as well, making sure they are in a position to be successful.

She interacts with teammates quite often from strategic and encouragement points of view. This is a trait that comes in handy when things change on the fly, and a swift change of plans is necessary.

Her high basketball I.Q., among other very good things, is a something that will lend itself quite favourably at the next level.