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Radar Worthy: Hannah Mills-Watson



Hannah Mills-Watson

When you step foot in the gym and are standing at 6’4” as a Freshman, eyebrows raise. That is exactly the case when Hannah Mills-Watson (3.5-stars, 6’4″, P, Durham City Chameleons/R.S. McLaughlin, 2023) prepares for battle.

Keeping those eyebrows raised is often the case with Mills-Watson who has shown that she can move up and down the floor quite well.

At this stage of her development, she is quite comfortable facing up and has some ability to take any space given to her in order for an improved chance at scoring.

I will look for her to develop a desire to take over a game through an increased level of competitiveness which will allow for her skills to better shine even more.

Mills-Watson deserves to be on CROWN’s radar because she is coachable, which along with her foundation bodes well for for a high ceiling for any college or university that begins the recruiting process early.