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Radar Worthy: Jacqueline Urban



Jacqueline Urban (3-stars, F, 5’10”, Bishop Tonnos/Transway, 2022) has shown some diversity to her game, which has caused her opposition some challenges.

For her Transway club team, Urban was often called upon to log heavy minutes as one of the vital pieces to their attack. While often setting up with the ball in her hand as one of the team’s play makers, she is no stranger to the smarts it takes to handle some of the team’s perimeter work. She was often looked to by her teammates for a bucket when needed as she is a good 3-point shooter and is not afraid to put the ball on the floor and attack.

Look for Urban to continue to carve out a niche for her style of play. With her ability to be comfortable in many places on the floor and to take advantage of mismatches with her ability to play inside and out, Urban is definitely radar worthy as the type of player that is ready and willing to go to work when called upon.

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