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2012 Canadian Cadette Roster Revealed



On August 7, 2012, Canadian Cadette Head Coach, Carly Clarke, officially announced the roster that she will be looking to guide in the FIBA U17 Women’s World Championships.

This year’s tournament will take place in Amsderdam, Netherlands and will host many from the core of the Canadian squad that placed Third last summer, at the FIBA Americas U16 event in Mexico.

The Canadian U17s’ tournament tips off August 17, against Italy. Other Group A opponents Canada will face include USA, Belgium, Mali and South Korea, all before the Quarter-Finals that are scheduled to start on August 24.

The 2012 Canadian Cadette Roster is as follows:

Name, Position, Height, Graduating Class
Christina Buttenham, Guard, 5’11”, 2014
Audrey-Ann Caron-Goudreau, Guard, 6’2″, 2013
Khaléann Caron-Goudreau, Guard, 6’2″, 2013
Shay Colley, Guard, 5’8″, 2014
Kayla Davis, Guard, 5’7″, 2013
Quinn Dornstauder, Forward, 6’3″, 2013
Saicha Grant-Allen, Forward, 6’4″, 2013
Hannah Jardine, Guard, 6’0″, 2013
Kia Nurse, Guard, 5’10”, 2014
Kolbie Orum, Forward, 6’0″, 2013
Emily Potter, Forward, 6’5″, 2013
Emma Wolfram, Forward, 6’4″, 2013

Read all about Head Coach Carly Clarke’s thoughts about these World Championships, the year-over-year adjustments and expectations.

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