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Vallee Blog #4: Choose To Perform



Before the Canadian reach the gym on Sunday August 5th, 9:30 EST, they will have to make a choice.  Will they choose to settle and finish 4th in the pool, forcing them to play the Americans in their quarter final?  Or will they choose to beat the “other world powerhouse” Australians and finish 3rd avoiding the Americans in the quarters.

There is no other way to put it. Canada has to upset one of their next two opponents to have a chance to play for a medal- A MEDAL. And something tells me they will not likely upset the Americans in a do or die situation… So, which one will they choose to upset? It has to be Australia!

Yes it is a choice.

Canada has to chose to perform. Show up with a mind-set that their shots will go in, that they will attack, that they will be successful. Clearly, by “choosing to perform”, I  am talking about offensively making shots. Canada has to decide whether or not they will come and pull a 0/10 at the 3 pts line and lose by 4 (referring to the France game), or put 5 of their players in double digits and score 79 pts (game vs Brazil). Each of the Canadian players have to decide whether they will play consistently and come up with back to back wins or not.

One thing for sure, we know that our Canadian players are going to play hard. But this in itself is no longer enough. It is the Olympics and, well, EVERY team plays hard. So while Canada plays hard and has one of the best defense in the world (in the tournament, they kept their oponent to less than 40% shooting, which is excellent) against world powers, they must also perform offensively. And that, I believe, is a sate of mind. Therefore, it is a choice.

Good luck Canada and show us that you belong amongst the elite programs in the world!


Chantal Vallee is the Head Coach of the Windsor Lancers, the defending back-to-back Canadian InterUniversity Sports (CIS) Women’s Basketball Champions. Vallee has been hired as a basketball analyst by CTV Sports to help cover the Canada Basketball portion of the Olympic Summer Games.  CROWN is pleased to host her Blog entries, sharing with you her thoughts while in London covering the 2012 Games.