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2014 JUEL All-Star Game Rosters



On May 15, the JUEL League of Ontario announced their rosters for their two All-Star games scheduled for May 24 at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.

In the first of the two games, the JUEL Prep (U16) standouts will take to the floor in a format that will pit the Freshmen against the Sophomores. The second game will see the JUEL All-Star game have the Juniors play against the Seniors.

The games will take place at the Mattamy Centre starting with the JUEL Prep game at 6pm and the JUEL game tipping off at 8pm.

Here at the rosters:

JUEL Prep All-Star Rosters

Mary Besselink (5’9”, P, Kingston Impact)
Hailey Brown (6’2”, F, Hamilton Transway-Nurse)
Hanna Hall (5’5”, G, Hamilton Transway-Nurse)
Hanna Hammond (5’10”, F, Blessed Sacrament)
Michelle Istead (5’7”, G, GCBA Wolverines)
Alyssa Jerome (6’0”, G, North Toronto Huskies)
Julia Knes (5’10”, F, Oakville Vytis)
Claire Litchfield (5’5”, PG, London Ramblers)
Shaina Pellington (5’9”, G, Advantage Titans)
Aiden Rainford (6’1”, F, Toronto Triple Threat)
Hailey Summers (5’7”, G, Hamilton Transway-Nurse)
Eve Uwayesu (5’6”, G, GCBA Wolverines)

Halle Bovell (5’10”, W, Hamilton Transway-Nurse)
Kayah Clarke (5’9”, G, Hamilton Transway-Nurse)
Mikaela Dodig (5’6”, PG, Caledon Cougars)
Stephanie Findlay (5’11”, F, Oakville Vytis)
Emma Fraser (6’1”, PF, North Toronto Huskies)
Georgia Lee (5’9″, G, Barrie Royals) Oksana Gouchie-Provencher (6’3”, F, Caledon Cougars)
Jessica Richards (6’2”, F, Caledon Cougars)
Kiana Sampson-Steinauer (5’10”, F, Oakville Vytis)
Nyamouch Teny (5’9”, G, KW Lightning- Tri-County JUEL Prep)
Juliana Thomson (6’2”, F, KW Lightning-Tri-County JUEL Prep)
Mackenzie Trpcic (5’7”, G, Hamilton Transway-Nurse)

JUEL All-Star Rosters

Chelayne Bailey (5’7”, G, Blues JUEL)
Mikaela Brewer (5’11”, G, Barrie Royals)
Bridget Carleton (6’2”, W, London Ramblers)
Julia Chandler (6’2”, G/F – Oakville Venom)
Danielle Garven (6’1”, W, Advantage Titans)
Jaelyne Kirkpatrick (5’6”, G, Oakville Venom)
Bridget Mulholland (5’10”, G, Kingston Impact)
Keyira Parkes (5’5”, G, Blues JUEL)
Hayley Robertson (5’7”, G, Brampton Warriors)
Kendra Van Leeuwen (5’10”, G, KW Lightning-Tri-County JUEL)
Eternati Willock (6’2”, F, Blues JUEL)
Candice Wright (6’2”, F, KW Lightning-Tri-County JUEL)

Bridget Atkinson (5’8”, G, Niagara JUEL)
Christina Buttenham (5’11”, G, Hamilton Transway)
Shay Colley (5’8”, G, Brampton Warriors)
Cheyenne Creighton (6’1”, F, Brampton Warriors)
Iziegbe Lorraine Enabulele (6’2”, F, Advantage Titans)
Rachel Fradgley (6’2”, F, London Ramblers)
Linnaea Harper (6’0”, F, Blues JUEL)
Madison Horst (5’7” G – KW Lightning Tri-County JUEL)
Kia Nurse (6’0”, G, Hamilton Transway)
Sofia Paska (6’4”, G, Oakville Venom)
Megan Smith (6’1”, F, Barrie Royals)
Carly Steer (5’7”, G, Windsor Valiants)
Melissa Tatti (5’4”, G, Blessed Sacrament)

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