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Lienafa (’24) Commits to Wildcats



Candice Lienafa

Candice Lienafa of Longueuil, QC has committed to attend Davidson College of NCAA’s A-10 Conference next Fall.

“What I loved about Davidson,” said Lienafa, “was that they put their students-athletes first, whether it be academically or whatever they need for their sport.”

The off-ball guard is quite comfortable with the ball on the perimeter, driving, or taking the couple of extra steps that the defence gives in order to pull from midrange as she does now with her Champlain Saint-Lambert Cavaliers.

She suspects that she will be looking to be used in a very similar way next year. She will be expecting that next year at Davidson, they will look to make use of her length, athleticism and mobility to earn her team second chance opportunities, start the break and find ways to get to the hole.

“The environment was key. Like the sense of security a sense that one would feel more at a smaller school than one in the city, the said about her decision and wanting to feel comfortable. “You do really feel like you’re at home.”

“When I visited there, I really loved the campus. I was looking for a small campus on a smaller sized University where is could be in close proximity with my teachers and teammates.”

Furthering her position that her environment and the people around her would be an important part of her decision making, she will be joining former Champlain Cavalier teammate Chloe Oliver.
“It’s not really a team, it’s like a family.”