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2023-2024 Cégep League Individual Award Winners



The Cégep league named their 2023-2024 individual award winners.
These awards recognize the top basketball players in the province of Quebec’s top league for their outstanding play and contributions in the classroom.

This year’s selections made were as follows:

Most Valuable Player
Nyodie Guérard

Rookie of the Year
Deborah Damoah

Defensive Player of the Year
Sophie Bergeron

Academic Award
Anaïs Bellavance

First Team All-Stars
Nyodie Guérard
Catherine Oliver
Marie-Denise Ntambue
Kenedie Haruna
Candice Lienafa

Second Team All-Stars
Caitlin Frost
Yasmine Djibril
Anaïs Levasseur
Sophie-Anne Bouffard
Jade Hunte

All-Rookie Team
Deborah Damoah
Marie-Grâce Talle
Shanayka Ismar
Léa-Rose Denis
Juliette Gargya

Academic Achievement Awards
Erica Simeone
Naima Melancon-Pineault
Caitlin Frost
Regan Cornford
Sophie-Anne Bouffard
Alice Allard
Emmanuelle Laurent
Anaïs Bellavance