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Lawson To Make Prep School Leap This Fall



Aliyah Lawson

Aliyah Lawson

Aliyah Lawson, 4.5-star Point Guard in the Class of 2017, has made the decision to attend IMG Academy, a prep school in Bradenton, FL this Fall.

“I felt that the competition that I would be surrounded by throughout the year would encourage me and make me in to a better basketball player” said a poised Lawson of Whitby, ON.

“I hope to play at a [NCAA] Division 1 level, so I figured that the competition that I would receive at IMG would help me pursue my dreams.”

Lawson, whom we featured in a Got Next article a couple of years back, has made the prep school decision despite what most would consider a vibrant basketball hotbed that is loaded with talent, and is structured quite well with its various season mix of high school, rep league and summer travel.

Instead, Lawson cites wanting to start to adapt to a life that would more closely mimic one that she could expect at the post-secondary level, as one of the main reasons why this move is the right one for her.

“At IMG the type of schedule would be more similar to a university. Early morning training, multiple practices in a day, lifting weights, all that is stuff I’m not necessarily exposed to on a consistent basis, going to my ordinary school in Whitby (Sinclair Secondary). Although the competition in the JUEL (rep) League is tough, the girls give me a great challenge and everything but the schedule and structure I would face [at IMG] is more similar to what I would expect long term, in my opinion.”

This decision that she makes comes right on the heels of her return to on court action with her Advantage Titans rep team. Just under a month ago, Lawson had returned from an ACL injury that had kept her sidelined since May 2014.

Now that she’s back, she has an even higher regard for the game that she was already very passionate about. Which will make this high school sophomore who already had a very good work ethic, even hungrier once she hits her full stride.

“The recovery is a long tough road. I mean an ACL [injury] is not a quick recovery. So, it was hard both mentally and physically. But I was very excited and happy to be on the court. When you have a passion like basketball taken away from you for 6-9 months you really look to appreciate more. Being back on the court is great. My knee and the muscles that support my knee feel a lot better now and I feel more confident being on the court.”

And with time on her side as it is, she’ll have more than enough time to get back to showcasing the high level talent that she was performing at before the injury.

“At first I was kind of timid and worried about reinjuring and going through the same process again,” said Lawson about her return. “Now I can go forward knowing that I worked hard for this and when I come out, it’s not going to be the same [injury] thing all over again.”

Continued hard work is on the schedule for Lawson now and until she is ready to pack her bags. She will be continuing to build up her skill level, increase her endurance and get stronger, now that she has free medical clearance to do so.

She will be continuing her rep schedule as the Titans eye playoffs next month, but not before attending the Deep South Tournament in Raleigh, NC later on this month during the NCAA viewing period.

IMG Academy was also the high school alma mater of the Caron-Goudreau twins, Khaleann and Audrey-Ann of Gatineau QC out of the High school Class of 2014.