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Champlain Summer Challenge 2013 Standouts



hannah brownOn June 29 and June 30, 2013 the Champlain Cavaliers held their Fourth Annual Lady Cavaliers’ Summer Challenge in Montreal, Quebec.

The event featured 16 of the top summer teams from the provinces Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia playing in a showcase style format.

With so many high caliber teams in the running, there was plenty of talent to take in.

Here are just some of the few of names that stood out to us over the two day event:

Team Nova Scotia’s Hanna Brown (6’1”, P, 2014) was one of the faces in the crowd that stood out time and time again. Although it really would have been nice to see an extra inch or two to solidify what she brings to the table, I’m pretty sure you could ask the same from the vast majority of players anyways. Brown brought with her a workman-like attitude to the showcase and appeared intent on making the most of each opportunity she got. Her solid build and strength opened up several doors for her and she gladly made the most of them. Brown is a serviceable Post that just may prove to be a steal for the post secondary school that lands her.

One of the youngest teams of the event was the Ottawa Summer Program team. Despite that, this Eastern Ontario team held their own against many of the older clubs they faced. Among the head turners on this team was Tyra Blizzard (5’5”, G, 2015). What I found apparent with Blizzard was some good 2-Guard ability mixed in with a strong hunger to get to the hole. She is quite fast even with the ball and had moves that had defenders constantly requiring to adjust their hips to try to defend. Add to that their team’s ability to feed the ball inside to well sized Myriam Fontaine (6’0”, P, 2015), who has a couple of Posts moves in her repertoire and it becomes apparent that the Ottawa region of Ontario, will make some noise in the coming years.

metchline gabelusMetchline Gabelus (5’6”, G, 2016) made many take notice. After we saw her for the first time in November (Nov 2012 – St Laurent Tournament Finalists), she has shown signs that she is continuing to take the evolution of her game quite serious. She was a thorn in the side of many opponents that had to deal with her defending, causing several turnovers. Her speed with the ball and ability to get to the hoop is also at a high level, making her a player that teams need to keep an eye on at all times. Gabelus proved that she has a very high ceiling and her development from now until graduation will be one we will surely be tracking.

The following is a list of the players we have updated profiles based on the evals we assessed from this event:

Maude Archambault (5’8″, G, 2015)
Annabelle-Musandi Baku (5’7”, G, 2016)
Tyra Blizzard (5’5”, G, 2015)
Michaela Branker (5’7”, G, 2015)
Megan Brenkel (5’9″, G, 2014)
Hannah Brown (6’1”, P, 2014)
Tylea Cole (6’1″, F, 2015)
Maripier Courchesne (6’2″, P, 2014)
Sirah Diarra (6’2”, P, 2015)
Isabelle Dion (5’10”, G, 2014)
Myriam Fontaine (6’0”, P, 2015)
Metchline Gabelus (5’6”, G, 2016)
Jeanne Gaumont (6’0”, W, 2014)
Sydney Goudreau-Patterson (5’6”, G, 2015)
Marika Guerin (5’4”, PG, 2014)
Chloe Hall (5’11”, G, 2014)
Linnaea Harper (6’0″, F, 2014)
Connie Harris (6’2”, P, 2014)
Olivia Harris (5’8”, G, 2014)
Ebonie Johnson-Clyke (5’9”, G, 2015)
Kennisha-Shanice Luberisse (5’8″, G, 2014)
Esme Pajkovic (6’3”, P, 2015)
Keyira Parkes (5’4″, PG, 2015)
Shabeka Taylor (5’8″, G, 2014)
Jayla Verney (5’6”, PG, 2014)