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JUEL Announces 2012 All-Star Rosters



On May 9, 2012, the JUEL (JUnior ELite) League announced the 2012 All-Stars that will play in this year’s showcase game.

The game is scheduled to take place at Sheridan College in Oakville on May 19, 2012. It will feature the best of the players 4th or 5th high school year (Seniors), playing against the best of those with less than 4 high school years (Underclassmen).  CROWN was pleased to have been involved in the selection process that also included voting from JUEL coaches.  Those selecting were asked to evaluate players based on their play throughout this past JUEL season, from the season opening exhibition games back on January 7 through to the last regular season games on April 15.

Being selected as an All-Star among the 220 JUEL League players is an honour, considering the depth of talent gathered from around a basketball hotbed like the province of Ontario, and assembled in this league.

Seniors Team
Danielle Boiago (5’8″, G, Blessed Sacrament, 2012)
Danielle Carriere (5’9″, G, London Ramblers, 2012)
Katelyn Carriere (5’8″, G, London Ramblers 2012)
Aprille Deus (5’5″, G, Tri-County Thunder, 2012)
Abigail Fogg (6’4″, F, Northern Lights, 2012) *Injured
Sami Hill (5’9″, G, North Toronto Huskies, 2012)
Michele Hudyn (6’2″, F, KW Lightning, 2012)
Sade Iriah (6’0″, F, Brampton Warriors, 2012) *Injured
Lindsay Lessard (6’0″, G, KW Lightning, 2012)
Kaili Lukan (G, Barrie Royals, 2012)
Erica McFadden (5’7″, G, Tri-County Thunder, 2012) *Injured
Katie Polischuk (6’1″, G/F, Tri-County Thunder, 2012)
Lindsay Shotbolt (6’0″, G/F, North Toronto Huskies, 2012)
Brianna Thomas (5’11”, G, Advantage Titans, 2012) *Injured
Catherine Traer (6’1″,G/F, Ottawa Capitals, 2012)
Dakota Whyte (5’8″, G, Advantage Titans, 2012)
(roster size has been increased to accommodate injuries)
Underclassmen Team
Shay Colley (5’8″, G, Brampton Warriors, 2014)
Sam Cooper (6’1″, G/F, Northern Lights, 2013)
Kayla Davis (5’7″, G, Brampton Warriors, 2013)
Cassandra Edwards (5’10”, G/F, Brampton Warriors, 2013)
Nicolle Gaudet (5’11”, G, Kingston Impact, 2013)
Saicha Grant-Allen (6’4″, F, Oakville Venom, 2013)
Heather Lindsay (6’2″, F, Ottawa Nationals, 2013)
Mackenzie Puklicz (5’8″, G/F, London Ramblers, 2013)
Victoria Rampado (6’2″, G/F, Niagara Falls Red Raiders, 2013)
Cheyanne Roger (6’3″, F, North Toronto Huskies, 2013)
McKenzie Sigurdson (5’7″, G, Oakville Venom, 2013)
Sydney Stewart (5’9″, G, Blessed Sacrament, 2014)
Emily Wilk (5’8″, G, Hamilton Transway, 2013)