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JUEL 2023 Season Individual Awards



On May 27, 2023 the JUEL League of Ontario handed out their awards for the 2023 season at their annual banquet, this year taking place in St Catharines, ON.

The award winners, which recognized many of the best players on the court from their two leagues JUEL (U19) and JUEL Prep (U16) are as follows:

JUEL Prep 1st Team All-Stars
Alyssa Gooding
Chante Murray
Beata Musa
Juliana Rodger
Nikolina Rupcich

JUEL Prep 2nd Team All-Stars
Katie Firth
Kiyomi Huestis 
Simran Lail
Kathlynn Samuel
Kimaya Thames

JUEL Prep All-Defensive Team
Reece Burleigh
Mackenzie Fineman
Silvana Maldonado
Nyla McPherson
Ava-Jean Williams

JUEL 1st Team All-Stars
Keira Daly
Skylar Forbes
Hailey Franco DeRyck
Emily Francovic
Macy Weber

JUEL 2nd Team All-Stars
Nicole Daly
Ashley Guerriero
Katie Leudy
Yemi Oladipo
Monika Reid

JUEL All-Defensive Team
Reegan Bell
Keira Daly
Haley Franco DeRyk
Emily Frankovic
Shanon Neita