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Mathurin To Bring Strength And Toughness To Wolfpack Next Season



Jennifer Mathurin (6’1″, F, CEGEP Champlain, 2013) of Montreal, Quebec, has committed to play with North Carolina State University of the ACC for the Fall of 2013.

A very humble Mathurin was overwhelmed by even being able to even consider the option of being a member of the Wolfpack and being able to play in such major NCAA conference such as the ACC. The awesome feeling of being thought of as highly enough to be considered to play with them, was only matched by the awesome sense of family she felt when she was on visit there just this past November.

“When they first came and talked to me, I was really impressed.  I never really thought that I could go to such a good school, in such a very highly competitive conference like the ACC. When I first went there on a visit, I saw the spirit of the team and the Coaches, and it was really real! You know, it’s a little family. They pray before the game and I really fell in love with that. The girls really seemed like their bond was really tight, and I thought that I could really fit within it.”

Mathurin should be able to fit right in with her extremely warm and inviting demeanor off the court. However, in the game for her opponents, it’s a whole different story.

On the court she is a very physical player that has been relied on quite heavily by her Champlain St Lambert Cavaliers team, to do a fair bit of ball handling duties in which she does a very good job. But the bulk of this very strong, 6’1″ Forward’s game, comes into effect in the paint. It is there that she plays with a lot of aggression, and uses her strength and intuition to play a lot bigger than her size indicates. She by no means shy’s away from driving to the hole, not the contact that is likely to follow when doing so.

The skills she brings to the table make her ideal for a number of positions depending on need. With Champlain, she has primarily played the Power Forward position, but it appears as she may be used more as a Small Forward that will occasionally be used as a Power Forward. In realizing that, and watching the way the the Wolfpack plays, Mathurin believes that with some adjustments that she has already worked on, that she is up for the task.

“When I saw them play, I saw that I have a lot to continue to work on still, but I definitely think that if I can dribble more and shoot more, I think that I’ll be a great fit,” said Mathurin. “They play really strong and I think that I am a strong on my team right now. I think that physically and mentally, the way that they play, they’re really confident and they go after people and that’s what I like.”

Her current Coach Germanos, is confident that the skills she brings and her work ethic make her the ideal acquisition.

“She’s a kid that can play inside and outside. At 6’1″ she can post up anyone she wants. She’s strong enough and she rebounds strong and she has a very excellent shot,” said Germanos. “I think she has what it takes. She’ll be working a bit on her handling skills over the summer. As of today, she’s a great shooter, and a great rebounder. She relieves us from pressure right now in games. So, I don’t see why she can’t do that at the next level.”

Mathurin, who plans on studying Sports Psychology as a Major, also had the Universities of Albany, DePaul, Toledo and Florida on her short list of other schools she considered.