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2012 15U Canadian Girls National Championships



On August 11, 2012, Quebec was officially crowned, the Canadian U15 Girls National Champions.

This year’s tournament, featuring a selection of many of each province’s best, was accented by a change of Champions. Team Quebec took this year’s top spot in this age group, going undefeated throughout, while boasting the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, Tamara Farquhar.

Quebec earned the Gold Medal by defeating Manitoba in the Championship Final by a score of 77-56. Manitoba had come off an exciting, double overtime victory the night before vs Ontario. Manitoba’s draining victory ended a long run of Championship 15U teams from Ontario. The Ontario team also lost their Bronze Medal game against British Columbia.

This year’s National Championships were held at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB.

Gold Medal: Quebec 77 – Manitoba 56
Quebec: Tamara Farquhar (22 points, 6 rebounds); Mäel Gilles (17 points, 7 rebounds); Frédérique Beauchamp (12 points)
Manitoba: Kyanna Giles (13 points)

Bronze Medal: British Columbia 58 – Ontario 47
British Columbia: Nicole Vander Helm (23 points, 6 rebounds), Marissa Dheensaw (12 points, 10 rebounds).
Ontario: Keyira Parkes (13 points)

Semi-Final 1 – Quebec 64 – British Columbia 48
Quebec: Frédérique Beauchamp (11 points, 5 rebounds); Tamara Farquhar (10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists)
British Columbia: Jessica Hanson (10 points)

Semi-Final 2 – Manitoba 73 – Ontario 71 (2OT)
Manitoba: Kyanna Giles (29 points, 7 rebounds, 6 steals); Kyia Giles (12 points, 5 rebounds); Raizel Guinto (10 points).
Ontario: Bridget Carleton (25 points, 11 rebounds); Keyira Parkes (10 points, 6 rebounds); Kathleen Hill (10 points).

2012 Final Standings
1st – Quebec
2nd – Manitoba
3rd – British Columbia
4th – Ontario
5th – Nova Scotia
6th – New Brunswick
7th – Saskatchewan
8th – Alberta
9th – Newfoundland
10th – Prince Edward Island

2012 15U All-Stars and MVP
Tournament MVP: Tamara Farquhar – Quebec

1st Team All-Stars:
Frédérique Beauchamp – Quebec
Bridget Carleton – Ontario
Kyanna Giles – Manitoba
Kyia Giles – Manitoba
Mäel Gilles – Quebec

2nd Team All-Stars:
Marissa Dheensaw – British Columbia
Zayn Dornstauder – Saskatchewan
Alyson Fulton – Nova Scotia
Michaela Nieuwenhuizen – Ontario
Nicole Vander Helm – British Columbia


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