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2022 Biosteel All-Canadian Game Rosters



The 2022 Biosteel All-Canadian Basketball Game is scheduled to take place at the University of Toronto Goldring Centre in downtown Toronto, ON.

The game is scheduled to take place on April 3 and will feature many of the best basketball players across the country, as selected by a panel committee. The girls chosen will be made up primarily of high school Seniors and Juniors, along with a couple Sophomore standouts.

The following are the rosters of the girls that were invited to play in this marquee all-star game:

Team White
0 Mary-Anna Asare
1 Dominique Ennis
4 Raven Boswell
5 Lemyah Hylton
6 Emma Koabel
7 Sumer Lee
9 Syla Swords
10 Marina Radocaj
15 Toby Fournier
20 Milana Nenadic
30 Fatima Diakhate

Team Red
3 Taija Sta. Maria
4 Shantavia Dawkins
5 Aicha Dia
6 Delaney Gibb
7 Alisha Murray
8 Bree Robinson
9 Rheyna Steinauer
10 T’yana Todd
12 Ajok Madol
15 Cassandre Prosper
20 Cheyenne Rowe
23 Serah Williams