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Fournier Effect Prevalent In OSBA Finals



Toby Fournier scored 22 points as Crestwood wins big in OSBA Finals on March 3, 2024.

Yes, Fournier puts points up on the board and this points were absolutely vital in cementing the Crestwood Lions’ Finals victory. But, it is her impact on the game in several ways that do not show up on the stat sheet that really have immeasurable impact. The active rebounder seemingly collects everything on both ends of the floor and either minimizes second chance opportunities for opponents or multiple looks, possession after possession for her team to do damage. As a 6’3” player, one would expect that to be enough to be a shot blocking machine, but when you add an off the chart vertical on top of that, the result is an absolute dominant result that elevates the play of all of her teammates, as was the case in a game where the top ranked team was better than the second ranked team by a score of 94-57 in the penultimate game.