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Erika Steeves Commits to Brown University



Erika SteevesErika Steeves (6’2”, F, Hotchkiss, 2015) of Montreal QC, has committed to attend Brown University of the Ivy League in Providence, RI.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a future member of the Brown Class of 2019”, said Steeves.

Steeves was a well rounded athlete having also played volleyball and participating in track and field at her high school in Montreal before making the cultural and language switch when she decided to attend The Hotchkiss Prep School in Lakeville, CT back in the Fall of 2012.

“I attended a French school before, College Villa Maria [in Montreal], so it was a little difficult at first to transition to a challenging prep school”, said Steeves of the transition to the prep school that focused on small, discussion oriented, class sizes.

Along with the transition necessary in her studies, one was also required on the court as well. She was forced to overcome a basketball learning curve, which saw the need for her to step her game up against no shortage of talent to compete against.

Steeves immediately realized that there was no choice but to be a better baller.

“I would say that the biggest difference is the level of competition that comes with every game”, said Steeves about the differences she noticed between school ball at Villa Maria and Hotchkiss. “With my prep school this year, we faced a very different challenge every game, whether it was a girl committed to a Big Ten school that could do it all, or a high-IQ pass-first point guard. This allowed us to improve not only individually but also as a team.”

Steeves believes that the increased exposure of having to play against NCAA high-major talent on a regular basis has forced her to step up as a leader. She has had to become more assertive and confident in the way that she plays.
That required improvement in her ability to defend inside and on the perimeter. She has also needed to rise to the occasion by contributing to the scoring as well and no longer solely requiring others to create for her.

“I’m now able to not only help my teammates become offensive threats, but also to put myself in that scoring position in many different ways, whether it’s from my improved three point shot, or from my wider range of post moves.”

All of this culminating into a set of attributes that will make her difficult to defend when she suits up for the Brown Bears next Fall.

“I can dribble around a bigger defenders, attack the basket from the wing, shoot the three, or I can post-up on a mismatch”, said Steeves about the skills that likely impressed Bears’ Head Coach, Sarah Behn and staff.
“The Brown coaches say that I will be playing the 3, 4 or 5 for them, and I definitely see that as an advantage for me.”

“Whatever they ask me to do, whether it’s from the wing or from the post, I’ll do it.”

By selecting to attend Brown, Steeves is reaching a target that she set upon herself when she decided to leave Montreal on her American prep school journey, allowing her a better opportunity to reach her goals.

“My goal ever since I got to Hotchkiss was to play basketball at a top academic college”, declared Steeves.

“When I visited Brown on August 2nd, not to sound cliché, but I knew that it was everything I had been looking for since I got to Hotchkiss.”

Erika’s older brother, Patrick, who plays for Harvard, also figured into the decision process with some advice as well.

Erika Steeves“Before my commitment, I talked to him about the decision-making process I had been in all summer, and I remember him telling me: “If you have the chance to play basketball at an Ivy League school, you don’t want to pass it up.”

Erika took that advice to heart having also considered other Ivy League Schools such as Cornell and Princeton, while keeping an offer from Bucknell in her back pocket.

In the end it was her visit to Brown that solidified the decision in her mind.

“I had other school visits planned for the following days, but after talking to both my parents, I made the easy announcement to the coaches that day that I wanted to attend Brown and be a part of their program.”

Although her time in the U.S. Prep school system at Hotchkiss and with an upcoming transfer to Philips Exeter to complete a fifth high school year, will get a lot of credit, Steve’s made sure to acknowledge the the bonds she made with some of the players that helped her game while back with the Dawson Community Blues rep/AAU teams, and some of her high level teammates that have also gone on to high level post secondary play.

“I actually owe a lot of the improvement of my game to playing with older girls such as Jenn Silver (McGill), Esther Ramacieri (Nebraska), and Caylah Cruickshank (Tulane).”

One by one, she has set targets, and has achieved them. And yes, this commitment marks a major milestone, she knows that this is just a chance for her to set new ones.

“Although my initial goal is reached, I’ve already set new ones that include playing time and striving in the classroom.”

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