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Smooth PG? Its Gotta Be KD!



At the USJN Premier which took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 5-July 8, 2012 Kayla Davis (5’8″, PG, A-Game T-Dot, 2013) demonstrated a lot of what has many schools at the next level swooning. Her smooth dribbling capability, ability to change direction on a dime, and ability to change speeds to keep defenders guessing were just a few of the qualities that allowed her to stand out amongst some top quality opposition. So much so, that she earned tournament All-Star honors. But, in her eyes, that is only a fraction of what she brings to the table game in and game out.

“I think I’m sort of a balance between a scoring and pass-first Point Guard. I try to dish the ball and get my team mates open, but also, if I get an open look off a pick and roll, I’m willing to hit the midrange or try and get to the rim. So, I try to have balance in my game,” says Davis.

Davis is the type of Guard that tended to flourish in the open floor when she played with her Brampton Warriors JUEL rep team. When the ball is pushed using her as an outlet, a lot of her creativity comes out, allowing her to twist defenders, dish no look passes and flat out find ways to get to the tin. Not surprisingly, it is the style of play that she looks forward to when looking for the team she will look to be a part of at the next level.

“At the University level, I think a team that plays uptempo, fast paced, hard gritty defense, like what I’m used to would be the best fit for me. Also, a team that knows what they want from me, and makes it very clear what they expect from me so I can do my best to contribute to the team.”

Speaking of the University level, Davis remains a bit unsure of just exactly what courses she aspires to take, likely figures to be something on the business side, or sports management. Regardless, Davis appears sure of what she is looking for in a University.

“From a University, it is important that educational-wise they have the major that I want to pursue. And also, I want to have a good relationship with the coach, I want a good relationship with the team. I want to be able to contribute as soon as possible and make an impact.”

Davis is still aspiring to make the Canadian Cadette squad the will play in August, before returning to her Ste. Margurite d’Youville high school this Fall.

UPDATE: August 1, 2012 – Kayla Davis has announced that she has been selected for the Canadian Cadette Girls National Team.