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2014 SLAM Winter Challenge Standouts



Vanier College

ashley-milhomme-aOn the weekend of December 27-28, 2014, the Champlain Cavaliers held host to their annual SLAM Winter Challenge in Montreal, QC. This event involved 8 teams in total, 5 from the province of Quebec and 3 from Ontario, as a way for some of the top teams Ontario and Quebec teams to prepare for the return to their respective leagues.

The following are just a few of the many players that stood out:


Ashley Milhomme
After not seeing Milhomme for quite sometime as she needed time to recover from not one, but two ACL surgeries, it was refreshing to see her back on her grind. Ashely 2.0 is now quicker, more confident and a continual threat to attack the basket. The Quarterback of the Nomades’ offence caused fits for the defences that she faced this weekend. She consistently carved them apart by first creating separation in transition with good ball handling in tight spaces and minimizing turnovers. On the other side of the ball she forced several herself, stealing the ball by choosing her spots to attack the ball. Milhomme is certainly in the conversation of the best of the remaining uncommitted PGs left in Canada.

Roxanne Bouliane-Douaire
After a transfer that forced her to sit out the first portion of this season, Bouliane-Douaire was on the court for the first time in game action since the Summer travel season. It is obvious that she will still need some time to get back to game speed. Add to that, the fact that she is with a team whose players she will need to get used to, and you see that she will have her work cut out for her in order to be all that she can be in 2015. That being said, it doesn’t hurt that she will have recent Clemson commit, Sirah Diarra to play with making the duo a serious inside-outside threat. Bouliane-Douaire does have the tools in order to get the job done in terms of a very accurate shot and a level of creativity in order to get her shot off. When she gets her game legs under her, it would be a bonus for her to add some speed and an increased ability to create for others.

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