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CROWN Scout Presents: A JUEL Weekend Standout Evaluations



CROWN Scout Presents: A JUEL Weekend

During the first weekend of the NCAA April viewing event, the weekend of the
16th and 17th, players rose to the occasion in front of

During the April 16-17, 2016 weekend, CROWN Scout hosted their CROWN Scout presents: A JUEL weekend.

The successful NCAA certified event held during this weekend for the first time, saw several players rose to the occasion in front of many NCAA and CIS coaches each hoping to identify and land prized recruits for their programs.

With something for everyone at the next level, the following were just some of the names of players in the Class of 2017 that caught our eye during this event:

Hanna Hall
After recently coming back from injury just over a month ago, Hall is well on the road to getting back to top form. Always looking to counter with the ball in transition, she is getting back close to previous top speed. She has worked a good mid-range pull up into her toolkit as well making her all the more attractive to post secondary coaches.

Marin Scotten
Once you look past Scotten’s mild demeanor, you can tell that she has game. The skilled Guard has a good first step to go along with long arms, which makes her a tough assignment for defenders. Add to her ability to get things done on the defensive end and it becomes more evident why she should be considered for play at the next level.

Jama Bin-Edward
There are signs that Bin-Edward has been working on her game. She has improved her ball handling skills, which appears to assist in her ability to slash to the hoop from the perimeter. That coupled with the natural athleticism she has always seemed to have had, sets her up well for a very interesting summer.

Abigail Kangudie
During the fourth quarter of the Advantage Titans’ game against Niagara JUEL, Kangudie’s scoring attempts helped her team solidify a win. Her face up game was more than enough for success, even against taller opponents. Improving her ability to go in either direction will take her game to the next level, forcing others to take notice that much more.

Maranda Smith
Smith’s calling card this weekend was a consistent shot from long range. When Niagara needed to dial it up, there was Smith getting the job done from behind the arc.