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CROWN Scout Presents: Slam, Let The Girls Be Girls Standout Evals



CROWN Scout Presents: Slam, Let The Girls Be Girls

The first NCAA April event in Montreal, QC was held on April 16 and by all accounts, it was a success.

Eight teams battled it out in the showcase named CROWN Scout presents: Slam, Let the girls be girls. The games played featured seven teams from ‘La Belle Province’ (the beautiful province) of Quebec and one from Ontario.

The games were closely contested and demonstrated a high level of play. The names below are just a handful of the players that stood out in front of the attending NCAA and CIS coaches as well as our very own at CROWN:

Annabelle Charron (3-stars, 5’8″, PG, St Jean, 2017)
Division 2? Who cares? Charron eliminated any question about whether a CÉGEP Division 2 team should have even been invited to the event. While leading the Géants attack, Charron saw he floor very well and pick her moments to attack well. She was a handful to defend for a variety of reasons.

Metchline Gabelus (3-stars, 5’7″, PG, SLAM Camp, 2017)
Gabelus is among the top remaining uncommitted Point Guards in the Class of 2016, so it was important for her to rise to the occasion. She demonstrated that she is a high level stopper protecting the defensive side of the ball.
She forced several turnovers and throughout the event with her quick hands and ability to jump into passing lanes to intercept passes.

Brigitte Lefebvre-Okwanku (2.5-stars, 6’1″, F, Nouvelles-Frontiers, 2017)
For Levebvre-Okwanku, it seems like with more experience on the court, she she is understanding just where she needs to be. I have noticed an improvement with her rebounding instincts and have seen her begin to translate what is necessary from a timing perspective. I would like to see her add some more strength and balance to her rather slender 6’1″ frame, but the skill building that appears to be taking place since Christmas, is moving in the right direction.

Bliss Mutanda (3.5-stars, 5’10”, G, Edouard Monpetit, 2018)
Coming fresh off her CEGEP Rookie of the Year award, Mutanda didn’t look like she missed a beat with her play in this event. Always looking to take the ball to the hole, the offensive minded Guard tended to gather a full head of steam when made her mind up to drive. And when she did, good things followed.

Eléanore Marciszewski (3.5-stars, G, Dawson, 2019)
Marciszewski was among the many rookies donning their CÉGEP jerseys for the first time. Throughout her games she showed why she was one of the more highly sought after high school prospects. Marciszewski used her size and strength to her advantage, giving us a glimpse of how high her potential really is.