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Sirah Diarra Signs To Become Clemson Tiger



Sirah Diarra

Sirah DiarraSirah Diarra (6’2″, F, Champlain Cavaliers)  of Montreal, QC has signed her Letter Of Intent to play in the ACC conference with the Clemson Tigers in the Fall of 2015.

“I think I made a great decision. I’m just really excited about it all.”

Over the past year or so, Diarra has overcome a couple of nagging injuries and is now playing up to her and full potential. Diarra is a top 10 player in the Class of 2015 and uses her long limbs and good size in order to establish position in the paint. Clemson Tiger fans will be pleased to know that her shooting touch has continued to show improvement as her confidence in her abilities grows. She is strong and willing to put her strength to good use when looking to establish position in the paint and being active on rebounds.

All which are skills that Diarra looks forward to putting to the test, in a major NCAA, Division 1 conference.

“I want to bring something to the team to help the team grow. I know the challenge down there is going to be hard, but I want that team to be successful, and I know I can bring something to make that happen if I work hard.”

Diarra has found that the Clemson style of play, which looks to make use of a two Post player system and reliance on feeding the bigs inside, is exactly what she is looking for in order to succeed on the court.

“I think that just by having my presence inside, along with my abilities will lead to great things.”

“First, it’s a good academic school, and they offer my program down there”, said Sirah, an aspiring Psychology Major, when asked about why she made the Clemson decision. “And, they’re playing in a big conference, and that is something that I really like.”

“I really liked the way that the Clemson coaches greeted me. They really made me feel comfortable.”

Team chemistry was also something that was important to Sirah, especially on a team that is looking to lay a new foundation for the future.

“I’m looking for a challenge. I know that they have a young team, with a bunch of Freshmen and that was something that I like. They are rebuilding their team, and I want to be a part of that.”

As the remainder of her final year with the Champlain Cavaliers, under Head Coach Georges Germanos, Diarra will be looking to continue to build a stronger lower body, work on her outside shot and overall aim to be in the best shape she can be.

Sirah DiarraDiarra is appreciative of all of the energy the Champlain coaching staff has put into transforming her game.

“I want to thank [Coach] Georges and [Coach] Michel for the time that they’ve put into me. They have been hard on me and they’ve pushed me and that’s that is something I am thankful for.”

Not wanting to stop, there were a few others that she wanted to thank for their help as well.

“I want to thank Antoine Lepine from Charles-Lemoyne. He is the reason why I am still playing basketball. He pushed me because at one point, I was about to stop.”

“I also want to thank my parents and my little brother, who’s my number one fan.”