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Sami Hill Signs LOI With Virginia Tech



During a commitment announcement ceremony at Eastern Commerce Collegiate in Toronto, Sami (Samantha) Hill (5’11”, G/F, 2013) signed her Letter of Intent (LOI) to attend Virginia Tech University in the Fall of 2013 and play for the Hokies in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Hill, who is now attending the Blair Academy prep school in New Jersey for a final High School year after attending Eastern Commerce Collegiate in Toronto for Grades 9-12, was ecstatic with her decision.

“I’m very excited! This is probably one of the most exciting times in my life and I just can’t stop thinking about it”, said Hill with a grin from ear to ear. “At the end of the day, it was just playing in the ACC, and its a great academic school as well, so it had the two requirements that I was really looking for.”

The two requirements that Sami was looking for was a competitive basketball environment and getting a great education. For her, these aspects have long been engrained as a way of life. At Eastern Commerce, she was a four-time Honour Roll sudent, an athlete of the year and competed at OFSAA (Ontario High School Provincial Championships) in cross-country, basketball and Track and Field a combined total of 11 times.

We wrote earlier this summer that Sami Hill’s Summer Should Shine, and she made the most of it. After playing well on the AAU circuit with Canada Drive, in both the Nike Tournament of Champions in Chicago and the USJN Nationals in Washington, Sami continued to impress at the Canadian Junior National Team tryouts. She not only made the team, but was able to earn valuable experience representing her country at the FIBA Americas in Puerto Rico.

It was there that a valuable bond was formed with her Ajax, ON roomate, Taijah Campbell, who is now in her Freshman season also with Virginia Tech. And, knowing that his daughter is already very comfortable with a future teammate, put her Father, Sam Hill, that much more at ease with the decision.

“She gets to hang out with Taijah, who she was hanging out with this summer, and play at the highest level in the country”, the elder Hill said happy about that fact.

He was undoubtedly pleased with Sami’s decision, and loved the the fact that Sami would have the best exposure to ‘ball and books.

“We’re thrilled and Sami is thrilled too. I think thats the most important thing. I think that she picked an excellent institution with excelent academics, an obviously excellent basketball.” And, he continuing on how her career options would also be wide open afterwards he went on to say, “I think that it all sort of works into her plan for continuing her basketball career, which she wants to do. She was with the national program this summer and she’s carded now as a National athlete, so she’s very interested in pursuing her basketball as well.”

Still keeping her shortlist of schools she was interested in close to her vest, she did share that she did have mostly Ivy League schools on her radar. Quite fitting for her high academic aspirations that may lead down a path that may Major in Sciences.

In the gym, Sami brings with her a lot of athleticism and leadership with her to either the Guard or Wing position. She also brings a lot of high praise from her Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute Head Coach, Kareem Griffin.

“She’s a great athlete, has great character and comes from a great home, so its not surprising at all”, he said when asked about his reaction to the big news of one of his former star players playing for Virginia Tech. “Sami is a tremendous competitor. She plays hard and gets along with her teammates really well. Very well mannered young lady.”

Sami’s Head Coach last season for the North Toronto Huskies’ rep team, Jason Sealy, also had high praise for a player that was instrumental in winning the 2012 JUEL Championship. Praise that spoke to her potential.

“One of the things that I’ve said to many people is that, she’s just scratching the surface right now. She’s discovering her incredible athleticism and now starting to connect it with her basketball skills. As far as that pertains to the next level, I think the sky’s the limit. I think people are really just starting to see how great an athlete and how great a competitor and geat of a young woman she is and at the next level is where she wants to take it.”

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