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Samson To Play With Duquesne in 2016



Anie-Pier Samson

Anie-Pier SamsonOn November 11, 2015 Anie-Pier Samson (3-stars, 6’0″, F, Dawson) signed her NLI to become a Duquesne Duke and play in the Atlantic 10 Conference next Fall.

When asked, Samson provided a long list of reasons why she decided to attend the Pittsburgh, PA school.

“Actually, it was a pretty easy decision because of a combination of things: Academically, they had the program that I wanted to get in to, Biomedical Engineering. I like the environment of their campus downtown. They have a quite a few foreign players that go there and I won’t feel like too much of an outsider if I go. I how the Head Coach, Dan Burt works with the Biomedical Program Director, John Viator …I just think that overall it is a really good fit for me.”

In Samson, the Dukes have attained a long Wing that has a good ability to get hot from behind the arc. She is able to run the floor well and is a strong enough rebounder to earn her team extra touches on the offensive end.

There are a couple of moves that I still have to work on,but I do have a couple of moves where I can finish inside”, said Samson. “I have a hook shot, I can dribble with both hands and I can shoot the two or the three.”

Samson is such a strong student that she was able to complete her studies after two try years of CÉGEP and now has her sights set on becoming a Biomedical Engineer. She knows that it was a tough journey to get to this point, and wanted to thank just some of the many that helped her get to this huge milestone.

“I really don’t want to forget anybody, but I want to thank Danny [Vincent] who played a really big part, and believes in me when nobody else did. My dad played a really big part, actually both my parents. I have a great family support overall. Trevor [Williams, Dawson Head Coach] he believed in me also. I’d also like to thank my Coaches from St Bruno. But, I mostly wanted to thank Danny because I didn’t know how good I could be and it was him that really opened my eyes to how good I could be.”