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Upcoming Back To Life, Back To Reality 2011



On Sunday, October 9, 2011, ‘A’ Game Basketball will be looking to host one of the longest standing NCAA events in Canada, the 8th Annual Back To Life, Back To Reality Showcase. This is an event where top talent from across the country have been invited to compete in a one day competition against other top caliber NCAA registered Rep Club teams.

This event will be taking place at Durham College in Oshawa, where each team will play 3 games over the course of the day. Each of those games will feature two 18 minutes halves and will be videotaped and shared with all those interested.

Throughout this event, Bring Your ‘A’ Game Girls Basketball Recruiting Sevice Inc will be evaluating players for the purpose of creating their 2011-2012 Girls Basketball Report. In the past, several dozen NCAA Schools have relied on previous editions of their report, and dozens more will be anxious for the update in this latest edition.

CROWN is proud to partner up with ‘A’ Game for this event and will be providing updates leading up to and throughout this event. We have been brought on to take in all of the day’s action and keep you informed on which standouts were getting the job done.

Amongst the teams that have confirmed to play in this Showcase, the players that are expected to participate include:

Kayla Davis

Kia Nurse 5’10 PG Gr. 10
Shay Colley 5’8 PG Gr. 10
Kaylyn Hite 5’6 SG Gr. 9
Eternati Willock 6’3 PF/SF Gr. 9
Iziegbe Enabule 6’2 C/PF Gr. 10
Cheyenne Creighton 6’1 PF/C 6’1 Gr. 10
Cheylane Bailey PG 5’6 Gr. 9
Lindsay Lessard 6’0 PF Gr. 12
Michelle Hudyn 6’2 PF Gr. 12
Kaitlyn Schenck 5’9 PG Gr. 12 (will return for Gr. 13)
Kayla Gardner 5’11 SG Gr. 13
Taijah Campbell 6’2 C Gr. 12
Dakota Whyte 5’7 PG Gr. 12
Katrina Murrell 6’0 PF Gr. 11
Kate Hill 5’6 PG Gr. 9
Teleshia Riley 5’10 SG Gr. 12
Oceana Hamilton 6’3 C Gr. 11
Kayla Davis 5’7 PG Gr. 11
Loysha Morris 5’8 PG Gr. 12 (will return for Gr. 13)