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Notre Dame Claims 2012 Centennial Colts Tournament Championship



On October 27, 2012, the Notre Dame Lady Cougars claimed their 3rd consecutive Centennial Colts High School Basketball Tournament with a 48-34 Finals victory over Bill Crothers ‘X’.
Strength and power was how these Finals were won, as standouts Brianna Thomas (5’10”, PG, 2013) and Iziegbe (Lorraine) Enabulele (6’2″, PF, 2014) asserted their dominance for 23 and 13 points respectively. Thomas, from the Guard position used every bit of her 5’10” frame to impose her will over the Crothers team that tried every which way to find a way to contain the 2013 Guard. Much was the same when it came to the manner in which Enabulele established her position in the post on offence and the way she corraled rebounds on both ends of the floor.

Notre Dame found success early from Thomas and Enabulele, allowing the Lady Cougars to jump to a 17-6 end of 1Q lead. Enabulele altered several shots and wracked up a few blocks, roaring several times with a surge of adrenaline. In the second half, every time Crothers seemed to have started a run of their own, the Lady Cougars would reply in kind. Crothers’ Katrina Murrell (6′, PF, 2013) scored 6 of her 12 points in the Third Quarter but Thomas was more than equal to the task, scoring 8 of her 23 in the same frame.

To the Bill Crothers team’s credit, they continued to play hard. The team would manage to edge out the Lady Cougars by a 13-12 margin in scoring in the Fourth, but it was too little, too late. Notre Dame had enough of a lead, winning the Final by a score of 48-36.

Coming into this game the Lady Cougars were coming off a few emotional wins throughout the tournament. This included an exciting buzzer beating, 3-pointer by Julia Lagman (5’6″, G, 2014). Lagman connected on one of her only 2 FGs of the game, with no time left on the clock to defeat the St Edmund Campion Bears in the Quarter-Finals.

Some of the results of the Centennial Colts High School Tournament:

Individual Award Winners

Tournament MVP – Iziegbe Enabulele (Notre Dame)
Tournament All-Stars – Brianna Thomas (Notre Dame), Carlie Nugent (Bill Crothers X), Shay Colley (St Edmund Campion), Christine Sirignano (St Francis), Eternati Willock (Pope John Paul II)

Consolation Round – October 27

Consolation Semi-Final – St Christopher 75 (Melanie Desena 21, Caroline Hummell 19) vs Downsview 50 (Loysha Morris 25)
Consolation Semi-Final – North Toronto 33 (Chloe Hall 14) vs Eastern Commerce 31 (Tayla Gibb 6, Surayya Palmer 6)

Consolation Final – St Christopher 53 (Caroline Hummell 18, Yazmine Taylor 17) vs North Toronto 34 (Chloe Hall 14)

Championship Round – October 27

Championship Quarter Final – (2OT) Notre Dame 47 (Iziegbe Enabulele 20, Maddie Dender 12) St Edmund Campion 45 (Shay Colley 18, Oceana Hamilton 17)
Championship Quarter Final – Bill Crothers ‘X’ 49 Carlie Nugent 7, Kystyen Lindquist 7) vs St Joseph (Wellesley) 31 (Dominique Maxwell 11)
Championship Quarter Final – St Francis 43 (Christine Sirignano 19, Nancey Kessler 14, Jelena Mamic 12) vs Pickering 37 (Alanna Hendricks 9)
Championship Quarter Final – Pope John Paul II 68 (Cheyenne Creighton 22) vs Michael Power 31 (Christina Petronis 11)

Championship Semi-Final – Bill Crothers ‘X’ 47 (Carlie Nugent 12) St Francis 34 (Christine Sirignano 10)
Championship Semi-Final – Notre Dame 35 (Brianna Thomas 14) vs Pope John Paul II 30 (Eternati Willock 10)

Championship Final – Notre Dame 48 (Brianna Thomas 23, Iziegbe Enabulele 13) vs Bill Crothers ‘X’ 34 (Katrina Murrell 12)