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Who To Watch Checklist: 2012 Champlain College Summer Challenge



On June 23 and 24, 2012, Champlain College St-Lambert will play host to the 3rd Annual Lady Cavalier Summer Challenge. This 16 team, Under-19 event will feature 8 Quebec AAA teams, 5 from Ontario, 1 from Nova Scotia and 2 teams from the United States.

The showcase has been set up for all 16 teams to play 4 times each over the the course of the weekend, amounting to 32 games to be played between Champlain College and neighboring Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes High School in St Lambert, Quebec, a city just beyond the Montreal city limits. And, even though the Summer Challenge is only in its 3rd year, organizer George Germanos is confident about the high level of talent that will be involved with the event based on past participants, and this year’s confirmed teams.

“I expect about 50 or so of the players in the Lady Cavaliers tournament to play post secondary basketball,” said Germanos when assessing the calibre of play. “And, that might be on the conservative side.”

Backing up that assessment, apparently also seeing the upside in the teams and players that have confirmed their attendance, are several CIS, NCAA coaches along with members of the staff from the Canadian Junior National team that have expressed great interest in attending.

The teams that are scheduled to attend are:

Champlain College(St Lambert, Quebec)
Dawson College (Montreal, Quebec)
Édouard Montpetit College (Longueuil, Quebec)
John-Abbott College (Montreal, Quebec)
Montmorency College (Laval, Quebec)
John-Abbott College (Montreal, Quebec)
Ste-Foy College (Québec City, Quebec)
Trois-Rivières College (Trois-Rivières, Quebec)
Vanier College (Montréal, Quebec)
A Game 1 (T-Dot) (Toronto, Ontario)
A Game 2 (Sarah Noble) (Toronto, Ontario)
A Game 3 (Rachael Urosevic) (Toronto, Ontario)
M.E.G.A Wave (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Ottawa U19 (Ottawa, Ontario)
Rhode Island Breakers Blue (Providence, Rhode Island)
Rhode Island Breakers White (Providence, Rhode Island)
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Géants (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec)

CROWN is honoured to have been invited to this showcase and is really looking forward to what should be a great tune-up for many of these teams as they start their busy summers.  Here is just a small sample of the players to keep an eye on:

Class of 2013
Alex Klein (6’1″, F, A-Game T-Dot, 2013)
Clodie Buteau (5’11”, F, Édouard Montpetit, 2013)
Emily Prevost (6’0″, F, Vanier, 2013)
Esther Ramaceri (5’7″, SG, Dawson, 2013)
Frédérique Potvin (5’11”, SG, Vanier, 2013)
Geneviève Derome (5’10”, F, Ste-Foy, 2013)
Jennifer Mathurin (6’1″, F, Champlain St-Lambert, 2013)
Jennifer Silver (6’1″, F, Dawson, 2013)
Jessica Fequière (5’10”, F, Champlain St-Lambert, 2013)
Jody Bellerive (5’4″, PG, Trois-Rivieres, 2013)
Kathleen Bélanger-Finn (5’7″, PG, Champlain St-Lambert, 2013)
Kayla Davis (5’7″, G, A-Game T-Dot, 2013)
Loysha Morris (5’8″, G, A-Game T-Dot, 2013)
Oceana Hamilton (6’3″, F, A-Game Sarah Noble, 2013)

Class of 2014
Caylah Cruikshank (5’8″, SG, Dawson, 2014)
Cheyenne Creighton (6’1″, F, A-Game T-Dot, 2014)
Fatoumata Sylla (6’1″, F, Montmorency, 2014)
Jane Gagné (6’0, F, Ste-Foy, 2014)
Jeanne Gaumont (6’0″, SG, Champlain St-Lambert, 2014)
Jennifer Crowe (5’9″, F, Dawson, 2014)
Kennisha-Shanice Luberisse (5’8″, G, Montmorency, 2014)
Iziegbe Enbulele (6’2″, F, A-Game T-Dot, 2014)
Maripier Courchesne (6’2″, F, Montmorency, 2014)
Samantha Robertson (5’6″, F, A-Game Rachael Urosevic, 2014)
Sarah St Fort (5’9″, F, Dawson, 2014)
Sarah-Jane Marois (5’8″, PG, Ste-Foy, 2014)
Shantelle Valentine (6’2″, F, A Game Rachael Urosevic, 2014)
Sophie Beaudry (6’5″, C, Dawson, 2014)

Class of 2015
Ashley Milhomme (5’6″, PG, Montmorency, 2015)
Chelayne Bailey (5’6″, PG,  A-Game Sarah Noble, 2015)
Danielle Garven (5’11”, F, A-Game Rachael Urosevic, 2015)
Eternati Willock (6’2″, F, A-Game, 2015)
Gladys Hakizimana (5’6″, SG, Montmorency, 2015)
Naomi Lavalée (5’9″, F, Ste-Foy, 2015)
Roxanne Boulianne-Douaire(5’9″, G, Édouard Montpetit, 2015)

Class of 2016
Aliyah Lawson (5’6″, A-Game Rachael Urosevic, 2016)