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Five Canadians Represent at NCAA Next Generation Event



On April 6, 2019, during the NCAA 2019 Final Four, five Canadian athletes, Merissah Russell, Yvonne Ejim, Callie Wright, Aaliyah Edwards and Isabelle Gaudet, were identified by Canada Basketball, to represent their country by participating at the NCAA Next Generation Camp/Showcase, in Tampa Bay, FL.

The initiative, a part of the NBA Junior Academy, has athletes from 15 different countries on hand to develop their basketball skills.

NBA representatives, along with representation from the respective countries’ governing bodies, helped to guide camp style sessions where 40+players were divided into four groups to develop various areas of their game.

The Canadians and their teams rounded off their weekend by participating in a mini tournament, showcasing their talents at Tourney Town within the Tampa Bay Convention Center, in front of the general public and NCAA Coaches.