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Nike Summer Showdown CanCon Day 2



On July 13, 2011, the 2011 Nike Summer Showcase action was light as each of the teams only played once. The group stage ended on this day in Chicago, Illinois, and as all results were tallied and team placing was determined for the next day’s bracket stage.

The tournament’s CanCon (Canadian content) results for Day 2 are as follows:

Team Manitoba U14
Win 44-21 over Bulls Elite 2015
Placed 3rd in White Division Group A

Team Manitoba U15
Lost 46-32 to Illinois Elite 2014
Placed 3rd in Grey Division Group H

Team Manitoba U17
Win 50-44 over Arkansas Belles
Place 3rd in Green Division Group C

Canada Drive U17
Win 52-24 over Colorado Basketball Club White
Placed 1st in Red Division Group G

Team Ontario U15
Lost 43-17 to Long Island Lightning
Placed 2nd in Gray Division Group F

Team Ontario U17
Lost 42-33 to California Storm Elite 17U
Placed 3rd in Green Division Group A

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