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Tornades De Longueuil Win 22nd Annual Édouard-Montpetit Tourney



On January 20, 2013, the Tornades de Longueuil Juvenile team won the 22nd Annual College Édouard-Montpetit Collegiale tournament in Montreal, Quebec.

The Juvenile aged Tornades, a Grade 10/11 team from Longueuil, Quebec, strung together 5 straight wins in order to accomplish the feat, including three wins against CÉGEPs with players as many as three years older. Coach Nico Loureiro was delighted with the way that his team played over the course of the two days, in a tournament that had the obvious age challenges.

“We signed up for the tournament at the last minute and we didn’t know who was in it. I told the girls that our goal was to improve on specific areas to get ready for our league games, and to win the tournament, regardless of the experience or age difference of the teams that we were going to face. I am not sure that they believed it was possible, nor I knew who we would face, but after leaving their hearts on the floor in 5 straight games, they learned that anything is possible if they play together with determination, discipline and with a goal in mind. I am very proud of them.”

It was important that any team looking to be successful in this tournament, be ones that were successful at coming together as a collective in order to get the job done. The Tornades are a well Coached team, that has been introduced to many advanced concepts in practice and continue to see positive results in games. And with all players on the roster buying into Coach Loureiro’s philosophy of prioritizing a team concept, that winning combination of proven to be successful.

“What satisfies me the most out of this tournament is not that we won….but that we had 5 players in double digits in the final game….Basketball is a sport of solidarity and this is the most important value that we want to incorporate in each one of our players…if they understand the importance of this concept and continue to incorporate it in every practice and game, I think these young group of girls will go a long way in basketball and life.”

When asked about the play of 16 year old Clara Dagenais, and her 35 point performance in their second game against the tournament hosts, the Édouard-Montpetit Lynx, Coach Loureiro mentioned her relentless pursuit to be the best player she can be and how that now, work ethic is starting to bear fruit in games.

But to summarize the tournament, for him it was not only the play of Dagenais that stood out, but the collective play of team leaders Metchline Gabelus, Yasmine Bidikuidila and Delphine St.Cyr, along with the tough, two way play of Rose-Angie JB and Pascale Tardif and the quality minutes from the rest of his steadily improving roster that made this tournament in particular, a galvanizing moment in his team’s season.

“We have 10 players, and every single player is of equal importance to this team. Each player brings a different asset and results have shown that when we play together and we stick to the game plan we are a tough rival. I am confident that if we continue to work together and trust one another we will be able to finish the year in a high note.”

Tornades’ Tournament Playoff Game Results

Quarter-Finals (3rd Game) – Tornades defeated the Édouard-Montpetit Lynx (AAA Collegial) – 71-70
Halftime Score: 37-34 (Lynx); Final Score: 71-70 (Tornades)
Tornades: Clara Dagenais: 35 points, 10 rebounds, Metchline Gabelus: 11 points, Delphine St. Cyr: 8 points, Yasmine Bidikuidila: 6 points, 8 rebounds
Lynx: Rhode Irène: 18 points, Laurence Trudel: 13 points

Semi-Finals (4th Game) – Tornades defeated Brookwood – 67-52
Halftime Score: 38-38; Final Score: 67-52 (Tornades)
Tornades: Clara Dagenais: 22 points, Metchline Gabelus: 14 points, Delphine St. Cyr: 9 points, Pascale Tardif: 8 points
Brookwood: Dosado: 19 points, Joseph: 13 points

Finals (5th Game) – Tornades defeated Champlain College Lennoxville (AA Collegial) – 63-48
Halftime Score: 33-27 (Tornades); Final Score: 63-48 (Tornades)
Tornades: Clara Dagenais: 16 points, Pascale Tardif: 13 points, Yasmine Bidikuidila: 12 points, 10 rebounds, Delphine St. Cyr: 11 points, Metchline Gabelus: 10 points, Rose-Angie JB: 7 points